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2020 has been a big year for crypto, with a lot of positive development. Apart from the growing adoption — particularly among the institutional investors, where the interest has never been higher — the crypto sector saw numerous...

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Wishing you a Flow Filled Christmas

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Have  a very Healthy and Happy Christmas.


Hopefully you will have some time to relax & recuperate.  See you all in 2021

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5 Tips for Reigniting Your Creative Spark

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Finding ways to recharge your creative spark and inspire yourself is not only worthwhile for growth, but it's also imperative. Here are five tips for re-inventing your creative relationship with your craft. we can just as easily find ourselves...

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The Metaverse: How it will end the Internet

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Something is coming much bigger than the Internet. It will end the Internet as we know it.

You can also watch this video on Roger James Hamilton's YouTube channel 👇

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How did YouTuber MrBeast just open 300 MrBeast Burger out...

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Source: Roger James Hamilton

MrBeast posted a video to his 48 million YouTube subscribers called “I Opened A Restaurant That Pays You To Eat At It”, giving away $200,000 in cash along with iPads and free food to a 10-mile line...

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3 Marketing Leadership Tips During the Pandemic

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Under normal circumstances, many consumers look to marketers and influencers to provide guidance through social, economic, and social challenges. As a marketing leader, your success in delivering these services depends on how you handle the...

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Lisa Michaels Success Story

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Catching up with Lisa Michaels, recent winner of The Shine Awards, is a wonderful opportunity to see how much things can change for an Entrepreneur in just a few months. Especially an Entrepreneur focused on pivoting their...

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As globalization and rapid advancements in technology continue to transform civic space and the world of work, education systems have grown increasingly disconnected from the realities and needs of global economies and societies. Education...

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What is Caching and How it Works

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In computing, a cache is a high-speed storage layer where the required data set is typically of a temporary nature. Data at this level is accessed much faster than at its primary storage location. With the help of caching becomes possible the...

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The Future of Jobs Report aims to shed light on the pandemic-related disruptions in 2020, contextualized within a longer history of economic cycles & the expected outlook for technology adoption, jobs, and skills in the next five...

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