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Utilizing the Genius Formula, our campuses achieved a 10x return on ad spend (ROAS). Join us to elevate your business success with this growth model.

Our Success Stories

Genius Partners have generated over $1.5 million USD in 2022 & 2023. Start digitising your content OR deliver content to your local community risk-free by setting up your FREE account today!

Shine Consulting
Josef Hakjr

Followed our principles and is on his way to making $800k this year

Bea Benkova & Jan Polak

Have set up an amazing community of women globally & are on their way to generating the $500k this year

Investment Mastery
Marcus de Maria

Added $1.2M on top of their revenues last year

The Genius Formula

Begin by completing a Team Charter for the year, and then break that down into four Quarterly Plans. Set up your mission, your products, your team, your event, education & meeting schedule and monitor your progress.

Start building and mapping out your Genius Pathway from your Quarterly Plan. This includes every step of your customer pathway from ads and emails to landing pages, events and courses with ready-made, customizable themes and templates.

With your Quarterly Plan and Genius Pathway in place it’s time to launch and grow. This is a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly Genius Rhythm which allows you to test, measure and optimize your pathway based on the feedback of the market and your metrics.

Why Genius Formula?

We have years of testing and developing our Genius Formula where we were able to bring down our cost per new student to under $1 and our revenue per student to over $10 with a 10x ROAS based on our freemium, personalized pathway in our Entrepreneur & Investor campuses. The Genius Formula Certification is now available!

Come on board to share in the revenue using the Genius Formula Growth Model, the GU platform and get the certifications you want to take your business to the next level.


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Partner Levels

Over $10K of potential revenue benefits as Level 1 Partner

Level 1: Faculty or City Host

Join and learn, earn and step up

$1,500 USD
  • Potential Revenue:
    $10K – $120K / month
  • Community Growth:
    100 – 2,000 followers
  • Number of clients:
    10 – 100 customers

Level 2: Lead Faculty or City Leader

Start leveraging your niche or grow your community

$15,000 USD
  • Potential Revenue:
    $120K – 300K / month
  • Community Growth:
    2,000 – 5,000 followers
  • Number of clients:
    100 – 1,000 customers

Level 3: Curriculum or Country Partner

Leverage your niche and communities by co-creating with us

$32,000 USD
  • Potential Revenue: 
    $300K – $1.5M / month
  • Community Growth:
    2,000 – 5,000 followers
  • Number of clients: 
    100 – 1,000 customers

Level 4: Collaboration Partner

Collaborate, add your products, and services into our products, and increase your network through specific marketing and affiliate initiatives

Upon request
  • Potential Revenue: 
    $2M+ / year
  • Community Growth:
    10,000+ followers
  • Number of clients:
    10,000+ customers

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