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Muniba Mazari: The Inspiring “Iron Lady of Pakistan”

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Muniba Mazari is lovingly referred to as the Iron Lady of Pakistan. And for all the right reasons.


Muniba Mazari aims to give her clients the best of her artistic abilities. She believes in playing with vibrant colors and...

Desktop 6 ways to become smarter every week

6 Ways to Become Smarter Every Week

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To be successful in business, you need a nimble mind to react to problems faster and you need to be adept at understanding whatever is thrown your way. In short, your ability to succeed is often determined by how smart you...

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Eva Dalgety, the ‘Tech Genie’ purpose-driven entrepreneur...

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Eva Dalgety has one goal and that is to help women who are lacking in time, tech and marketing expertise to grow their business by connecting to their purpose to achieve measurable results. She’s passionate about helping these purpose-driven...

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7 Sneaky Opportunities to Get Ahead on Your Work When You...

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Every entrepreneur wishes there were more hours in the day. Unfortunately, until someone invents time travel, even the most dedicated founders are stuck with the same 24 hours as everyone else. However, there are a few sneaky times to get ahead...

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Pitch Deck Design and Build - Day 2 Questions and Answers

Profile photos Deborah Harris

Please submit your questions and comments here

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Bob Marley’s Life Story: How a Boy Rose from the Slums to...

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One of the best sources of inspiration is the life stories of successful entrepreneurs, leaders, and famous people who achieved a lot. We like reading about them, extracting the life lessons, seeing how they started, and use it for inspiration...

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VIP Masterclass Series #2 l 22nd September 2020

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Join us tomorrow on our VIP Masterclass Series #2: Decisive Leadership- How to shift you and your team from uncertainty to growth mode with Donna Izobella.



Desktop common errors

Starting a business? These tips will help you avoid commo...

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    Secure funds

There is an old saying that "Cash is King" that entrepreneurs need to be mindful of. No matter how fantastic be the business model of the company, book profits are not enough, it needs to ensure...

Desktop david goggins

David Goggins: Half Navy SEAL, Half Superman, All Too Human

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David Goggins has overcome so many debilitating obstacles, any one of which would have sidelined most of us.


A physically abusive father, a crippling learning disability, and inflammatory racism. He had teachers hold him...

Desktop business core competencies

How to identify your business core competencies

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    Look at your customers and clients.

Does your business cater to a specific group of customers or types of business within your industry? For example, some people with IT degrees go on to work with students with...

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