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Genius U

Today, if you’ve suffered through failures in the past, or you’re going through the torrent of a failure right now, know this — Failure will make you better....

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Magnetic Minds

It is your attitude and approach to challenges, failures and successes that will bring change within you. #MondayMotivation

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Magnetic Minds

A-Z of #Entrepreneur "H" is for #HardWork. The entrepreneurial journey to success begins with great ideas and dreams coupled with hard work. “A dream doesn...

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Magnetic Minds

Where are you at in your #business journey? Comment down below. #Entrepreneur #Success #Growth

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Win a free day of mentoring with Janet Bray Attwood and ...

A special invite to you from Janet Bray Attwood.***Dear Passionate friend - We’re going to open up our network, help you get unstuck, and help you realize yo...

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Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 10th- 16th Dec 2018

Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight For 10th- 16th Dec 2018Where is your strength in the Vectors this week as collective leaders?Vector 7.5 UnionTake a posit...

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Empty crisp packets can be finally be recycled from today

Empty crisp packets can be collected for recycling for the first time from today at hundreds of locations nationwide. Huge numbers end up blighting streets, ...

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ACIM Workbook Lesson 41

< Previous Lesson                                                                Next Lesson > God goes with me wherever I go. 1...

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Wall Putty Adds Elegance and Beautifies Wall of the House

The job of wall putty is to make a defensive layer for paint. By and large white bond wall putty is utilized for inside walls and in addition outside walls. ...

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Tamera - Peace Research & Education Center (Intro Video)

Website: Facebook: CREDITS: Speaker: Vera Kleinhammes (