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Bloating, weight gain, headaches and exhaustion had becom...

By Eloise Palms * For the last 12 years I’ve been unwell and for the last five years my situation has been chronic. I was suffering with thyroid issues, oste...

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4 Ocean - cleaning oceans from plastics

These two surfers Alex and Andrew turned a problem that bothered them in Bali into a social enterprise cleaning ocean from plastics - 4 Ocean is a truly insp...

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Solar Just Hit a Record Low Price In the U.S.

This article does not have a description.

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DiveLive With A Marine Biologist –

Divelive is a new program that takes you live to the best Grand Cayman dive sites and allows you to interact with the divers.

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Australian Entrepreneur Summit June 2018 Paul Niederer

For those that were not in the audience on the 10th of June in Brisbane to see Paul Paul Niederer discuss Capital Raising, ICO's, Blockchain, DAO's, Property...

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For a successful fund raise ... try STRONG!

Thinking about raising some funding for your "small" business?In Oren Klaff’s excellent book on capital raising called “Pitch Anything” he uses the acronym S...

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Insights for a Deal Maker working with a Creator

As a Deal Maker we have our 'ear to the ground', we love to connect people, and we are keen to connect ideas that we believe in to people who can make it hap...

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Chulan Kwak's Furniture Designs Are Inspired By Chinese C...

Korean designer Chulan Kwak has designed a modern chair and table that were inspired by Caoshu, Chinese cursive brush-writing.

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2018 Global Art Grantee Projects

We’re thrilled to announce the 2018 Burning Man Global Art grants, which have given $100,000 to 21 projects in nine US states, one project in Puerto Rico and...