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Inga Ezra Success Story

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Inga Ezera has worked for over 25 years in the corporate world. As passionate about exploring cultures and learning about what makes people tick in particular geographies, as she is about helping people to discover and apply for good their...

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What if you could turn your words into a cash flow? 🌊 💰

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What if you could turn your words into a cash flow?


Las Vegas. Beirut. Vilnius. The Austrian Alps. Perth. London.


6 Entrepreneurs.

🤦‍ Some of these...

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5 Timesaving Automation Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

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With so many possibilities out there, you don't have to manually complete every task.


If you’re exhausted from trying to juggle too many tasks at once, your solution could be as close as a new addition to your tech stack....

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Tom Chapman: The Founder of Matches Fashion Who Has Turne...

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Tom Chapman is a pioneering, forward-thinking retail entrepreneur and highly active early-stage investor. As a private investor, he is known for having invested in a wide range of high-growth disruptive start-ups as well as encouraging,...

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Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be so successful in life? Everything flows just right for them. Whatever they touch turns to gold. They are the lucky ones. They are the ones with the great job, great salary, perfect love, and...

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Nine Steps To Work Toward Gender Equality In The Workplace

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Women are not only amazing moms, spouses, sisters, and companions; they are also specialists in the workplace, leaders, and role models for other women professionals. Establishing gender equality across the workplace, however, is taking some...

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The Zoom success story and rise of an immigrant billionaire

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Let’s take a look at how and why Zoom became the go-to platform during the pandemic, how it’s handling the influx of users, and whether the company’s growth can be sustained after the coronavirus crisis is...

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The Rise Of Young Entrepreneurs: Tips For Five-Year Survi...

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2020 came with its fair share of surprises. Not only was the world at a standstill because of Covid-19 rampaging our countries and communities, but the ripple effect of shutting down all activities all over the world is now being felt as many...

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History of Nintendo: Where did Nintendo come from?

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Down a narrow side street in the ancient Japanese city of Kyoto, businessman, and crafter Fusajiro Yamauchi sat in his new headquarters, designing brightly colored playing cards.


The cards - known as Hanafuda - were...

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Components Of A Successful Pitchdeck

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Startups frequently prepare a “pitch deck” to present their company to prospective angel or venture capital investors. The pitch deck typically consists of 15-20 slides in a PowerPoint presentation and is intended to showcase the company’s...

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