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11 facts about blue whales, the largest animals ever know...

So colossal are these majestic marine mammals, their hearts alone weigh as much as a car.

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Female shark learns to reproduce without males after year...

Female shark learns to reproduce without males after years alone

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Beachwatch beach clean events

Joining us on the beach? Find your event below and click on the link for times, the meeting place and to register your attendance.

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Plastic bags on the way out in Austria's supermarkets

Most of Austria’s larger supermarket chains have now voluntarily stopped providing their customers with plastic bags, as of January 1st. Instead, customers c...

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The Best Underwater Photographs of 2016 Are Out of This W...

This year may have been a rough one up here on Earth’s dry surface, but beneath the waves ocean life flourished and dazzled. The world’s most prestigious und...

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Plastic Oceans Foundation

Our mission is to change the world’s attitude toward plastic within one generation.

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Creative Flow - ***Weekly TV Show on Creative Success***....

Weekly TV Show on Creative Success Join me in discussing why creatives often spread themselves too thin, the impact of it and what to do instead!...

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Indonesia: Plastic tax to curb rubbish dumped in rivers

Move aims to cut 187 million tonnes of carrier bags dumped into the country's waters, clogging up drainage channels.

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A Bright Day for Deep-Sea Corals

For a deep-sea coral that can survive for centuries, not every day is remarkable. But today is special for those corals that live in the deep waters off the ...