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18 Ways You Can Use A Mason Jar to Eliminate Unnecessary Plastic In Your Life

Kind of like the “thneeds” of Dr. Seuss’ “The Lorax” (except without all the deforestation), a simple and unassuming mason jar actually has dozens of uses ou...


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10 Portable Water Filters That Will Make You Say Goodbye ...

If you’re just looking to reduce pollutants for water on-the-go, try these products.

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Five Studies Shaping Policy to Protect the High Seas

The high seas—the waters beyond the jurisdiction of any government—make up 64 percent of the world’s ocean, yet only a patchwork of mechanisms, and few safeg...

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India wants to make credit and debit cards obsolete for p...

Ever since India invalidated much of its cash, it has been encouraging its citizens to switch to mobile wallets and other epayment solutions. Today, it took ...

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Save Japan Dolphins | Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project

Join Ric O'Barry and Help End The Senseless Slaughter In Taiji, Japan #TheCove #RicOBarry #DolphinProject

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Photos Show What it Would Look Like if Plastic Impacted P...

Take a few moments as you go through your day and try to quantify one thing: how much plastic are you throwing in the trash? Though we may not think about it...

Desktop 10 things you can do for trash free seas

10 Things we can all do to reduce the rubbish in our seas.

Small actions that we can all easily and consistently do, can make a difference.

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New MPA in Hecate Strait will protect sensitive ecosystem

Fishing restrictions are necessary to preserve 9,000-year-old glass sponge reefs

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A Firsthand Account of Indonesian Plastic Pollution

Adventure Scientists’ Microplastics Principal Investigator Abby Barrows gives her firsthand account from her voyage from Bali to Komodo on an Oceanic Society...

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Reflecting on one very, very strange year at Uber

As most of you know, I left Uber in December and joined Stripe in January. I've gotten a lot of questions over the past couple of months about why I left a...

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Super trawlers set to be permanently banned

TAS: State government looks at a tougher bans for trawlers in Tasmanian waters.