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Blab is dead…long live Blab.

OK let’s rip the bandaid off:


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Good Morning & Welcome to Our New Members

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Thanks to everyone for joining the Life Below Water Circle & welcome to Alison Lalieu our latest member. We all share ...

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Finally, the world may protect one of the most pristine p...

Countries want to protect the Ross Sea and other waters around Antarctica — or, at least, most of them do.

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Where will your company be 130 years from now?

If Alexander Bell was alive today, he would be hearing that the company he started 130 years ago, AT&T, had become the largest telecom company in the world. ...

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5 Ways High Seas Conservation Took Center Stage This Fall

The high seas make up about two-thirds of the world’s ocean, yet there is little protection or cohesive management over these important ocean places.

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Securing the Future for Sea Turtles

Sea turtles have roamed the oceans for more than 100 million years. They play a key role in marine ecosystems by maintaining the health of seagrasses and cor...

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The gamification of exercise

2 years ago Eric Min was indoor cycling when he wondered why it wasn’t more fun and more social. That’s when he had his Eureka moment and thought “What if we...

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How trust controls pricing - airbnb study

**It’s only pixels, badges, and stars: On the economic value of reputation on Airbnb - Collaborative Economy It’s only pixels, badges, and stars: On the eco...

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Can you really put an exit strategy on your purpose?

*P.S. Since writting this post, everythings gotten deeper. In fact, it's almost time to up-play the narrative. Until that moment finds me - this is something...

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How to strengthen relationships in stepfamilies  | Psy...

Step-families are more common than ever but creating harmony at home isn’t always easy. Here’s what parents can do to help boost family togetherness.

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How Much Heat Does the Ocean Trap? Robots Find Out

3,500 aquatic robots descend a mile below the surface and back, every 10 days