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Roger 11oct

My top networking tip

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How can you get the most out of the events and conferences you go to?It’s too easy to take the time to get out and meet people, only to be[...]

Vid blog 0509

How to avoid a monkey mind

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Why be in flow instead of standing still? When you’re still, you’re static. Static means no movement, but it also means no clarity – like a radio picking up static.[...]

Twitch blog 2

How did a camera in a cap become worth $970 million?

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Justin Kan made 5 switches from his first business idea with Emmett Shear before the final result – Twitch – sold to Amazon for $970 million this week. What did[...]

Roger 1408 625p

The fine line between flow and failure (video)

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Do you feel you are not yet in ‘flow’? That’s when you’re moving faster yet more effortlessly at your true potential. Did you know there’s a way for you to[...]

Video blog6

The first step to solve any problem (video)

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What is the biggest problem you’d like to solve right now? What’s the biggest decision you’re trying to make? Did you know that – whatever your problem and whatever your[...]

Roger video 5

Four ways to fly, not fail (video)

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If everyone is a genius, why do so many people crash and burn? I’ve had my fair share of crashes in my life, and I’ve learned there are just four[...]

Roger vlog 4

How to unlock the genie in your genius (video)

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You know your genius. But what about your genie? Do you remember the story of Aladdin? In the Arabian Tale he goes from poverty to power and wealth simply by[...]

Rh vid blog4a

Do you deserve more? The surprising answer… (video)

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The biggest thing stopping us from moving to the next level in our lives comes down to whether we see having a greater impact in our lives to be an[...]

Vlog 3 thumbnail

Are you an entrepreneur? 3 ways to know (video)

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Are you an entrepreneur? How do you really know? This week I’m in Paris, in the country that gave us the word ‘entrepreneur’. Here’s the three ways I define an[...]

Roger vid screenshot2

The Million Dollar Question: How does your Genius lead to...

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How fast can things accelerate in your life when you connect to your Genius and find our flow? Here’s a story from my 20’s about this million dollar question which[...]

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