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The Amazon is a Man-Made Food Forest, Researchers Discover

Most of the edible plants in the rainforest were planted by humans over 4500 years ago, new study finds. Modern farmers should look to these ancient forest g...

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BPO – A Lifejacket To Keep Your Business Afloat

Have you ever indulged in recreational sports like river rafting? Isn’t it exhilarating to raft through the troubled waves and row your boat against the tide...

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ACIM Workbook Lesson 171

Review V Introduction 1.  We now review again. This time we are ready to give more effort and more time to what we undertake. We...

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How you can control blood pressure without medication

Being diagnosed with blood pressure leads to panic attacks. An initial reaction is to consume medicines to bring pressure levels down. In controlling of bloo...

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Vector Blog: Happy Easter

Honoring the crucifixion that may be necessary in your life, to restore your relationship to the God in you, the power of Spirit, in order for you to access ...

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ASIC Design verification and test engineer in Bangalore b...

A Design Verification Test is a technique of testing a product to promise that it meets all of its design specifications. This is, in addition, referred to a...

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How to fail to success

What do Steve Jobs, Madonna, Walt Disney and Oprah Winfrey have in common?Oprah Winfrey was fired from her first radio presenter role and told she was “Unfit...

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The Passion Test

Remember all things are possible for those who believe. #ThursdayThoughts

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Talent Dynamics

Success doesn’t really happen overnight. It’s a journey and success is the destination. #ThursdayThoughts

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The Millionaire Master Plan

Ask yourself, How long am I going to work to make my dreams come true? #ThursdayThoughts