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Inner Circle with Adam Houlahan

Type: Mentoring Programs

Offered by: Adam Houlahan



Want to work directly with Adam on your LinkedIn strategy? 

If selected you will have access to Adam’s inner circle group and an unprecedented insiders view on how Adam has leveraged his profile to become one of the world’s most successful LinkedIn entrepreneurs.

Who is this program for?

If the following criteria do not apply to you, please do not join this program

You have completed our Influencer training program already, or are prepared to complete the accelerated version

You own your own business or are a key team member who's role requires a high-level of lead generation

You're willing to invest 1 hour per day into your LinkedIn presence and activity

You understand the importance of content creation in any LinkedIn strategy

You are prepared to commit to the program for a minimum 6-month period

You want to generate a 6 figure ROI on your time invested

What does it include?

The Influencer Training Program
Ongoing support to ensure you are meeting your revenue goals
Fortnightly group-based mentoring sessions on strategy with Adam
Our team co-piloting your daily activity by taking care of the time consuming tasks for you such as:

Send 200 connection requests weekly, to your ideal clients as created by you via Sales Navigator (we will assist you to set this up) 

Remove any unaccepted connection requests 

Send a warm and personalised “thanks for connecting message” to new connections 

Send Follow Up engagement messages after the “thanks for connecting message” based on the strategy we create 

Send a personalised Happy Birthday message on connections birthdays 

Send a Congrats message on connections work anniversaries 

Send a Congrats message when connections start new roles 

Endorse Skills for connections 

Send Direct Messages promoting your events etc when appropriate

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