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Passion With Purpose

Type: Mentoring Programs

Offered by: Mission Mastery Academy



For Professionals & Entrepreneurs Needing Greater Clarity & Direction On The Details Of Their Live's Purpose, Mission, Message And Niche

The program is structured to make it easier for you to figure out all the details of your purpose, mission, business idea and how to put your social impact model together, using our self discovery processes and taylor-made for your blueprints.

This proven model has helped idea incubate and launch over 1,000 social impact businesses globally over the past 4 years.

You are going to work through 6 self discovery processes and trainings.

Clarify Your Primary Expressions

In this highly transformative process you will develop a much better relationship with yourself, your soul, your past and how it’s pointing you toward what you’re really here to do on the planet, and how you’re here to serve;

You are going to:

  • Discover your core Primary Expression Modalities that make up your life purpose and how you’re here to show up in the world;

  • Soul resonant words that represent your core values and motivations; Words to use to build resonant marketing;

Locate Your Mission Mojo

Mission Mojo 

The magical magnetism that occurs when you are totally in alignment will all elements within your purpose that can be injected into your business model. Specifically here’s what you’re going to clarify:

  • Your real life mission (how you’re here to serve humanity and the planet) and how it differs from your business mission;

  • How to integrate your life mission into your business mission to create a social impact model;

  • Your higher purpose (how you’re here to elevate the individual and yourself), plus how to articulate that in a clear easy to understand sentence;

  • The best niche market and your niche topic based on which best serves your purpose and achieves the big impact you want to make (your soul group in other words);

  • The core messages for your niche so they resonate with what you say in your marketing and content;

  • You will write your:

  • Purpose, life mission and business mission statements;

  • One sentence elevator pitch

  • Social good messaging 

  • Positioning statement

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