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Real Estate Mogul Mastermind

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Become a Real Estate Mogul 

with a 12 month back-stage pass to real, live wholesale, flip and cashflow deals.

An elite group of real estate investors sharing the tips, tricks, and tools that make them successful in the new economy.

Monthly mastermind calls - Go behind the scenes with HGTV house flippers and cashflow moguls.

• Private community group - Network with like-minded investors to find opportunities in today's market.

• Live Weekly Q&A - Get your questions answered in real time by our team of high-powered mentors.

• Contracts, calculators, and checklists - Work with the tools and resources of the top 1% of real estate investors.

• Full access to the Real Estate Mogul Masterplan Microdegree - Learn how to build a real estate investing business.

  • Get a real live view of what it takes

Build a real estate investing business that works in the next 12 months 

alongside a community of like-minded investors from novice, to expert, to mogul.

  • Live trainings, private mastermind calls, and a secret facebook group where you get your questions answered. 

  • The community allows you not only to bring your question, thoughts and your own real estate journey to the page, where you can also post deals, partner in deals and have access to the platforms contracts, evaluators and checklists. 

  • The idea of this group is to connect novice investors all the way to your most seasoned investor together to create a unified successful network, no matter the level of experience the group provides a pathway for everyone to get involved into real estate.


11 monthly mastermind calls walking you through live deals.

Access to private facebook group to get your questions answered.


[INCLUDED] Contracts, Checklists, & Calculators ($2,780 value)

[INCLUDED] The Real Estate Investor Masterplan Microdegree ($497 value)

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Recent Reviews



Trey Stinnett

Financial Alchemist

Austin, TX, USA


I've been investing in real estate and teaching other how to do the same for nearly thirteen years. The Real Estate Mogul Mastermind is run by the smartest investors and mentors I have ever met. I highly recommend that you join REMM before you even think about investing your hard-earned wealth.