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BY: Luther Diedericks

TYPE: Assessments

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Steel Help Power Hour

BY: Nimble Business Coaching

TYPE: Automation Systems, Productivity

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Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind Fast...

BY: GeniusU Genie

TYPE: Mentoring Program

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Unleash More Genius Flow Session

BY: Lisa Michaels Mentoring

TYPE: Mentoring Programs

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Young Entrepreneur Academy Partner...

BY: Genius School


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Vibrational Marketing Session

BY: Vibrational Marketing Mentor

TYPE: Marketing, Online Marketing, Mentoring

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Educator Accelerator

BY: Genius School


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Young Entrepreneur Academy January 2021

BY: Genius School

TYPE: Education

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Profitable Presentations Roadmap session

BY: Sue Daly

TYPE: Leadership, Mentoring Programs, Relationships, Sales

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1:1 Strategy Session Online...

BY: From Sweden Productions

TYPE: Memberships, The Arts, Podcasts, Online Marketing, Mentoring, Marketing

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Find your Flow & Live by it

BY: Self-Worth Safari

TYPE: Mentoring Programs, Mentoring, Mental Health, Health, Change Management

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Cash Flow Strategy Session

BY: The Grow CFO CO.

TYPE: Giving Impacts, Cashflow Management

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Take a simple assessment of your internal values and get guidance writing your 3 month vision. Set your goals for how you want to learn, live, earn and give. Gain an overview of the tools and resources available to you so that you can learn how to use your Genie and GeniusU to design your ideal life and business and connect to your new global community.

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