Inga Ezera has worked for over 25 years in the corporate world. As passionate about exploring cultures and learning about what makes people tick in particular geographies, as she is about helping people to discover and apply for good their innate talents. Teaching people how to channel these talents and package them up in aid of helping and adding value to others is her life’s purpose.

  • Creating Value

Sometimes people end up in the wrong job and they don’t know what the right job might be or how to progress closer towards it, this is the problem Inga solves for people who are career professionals. She helps people discover and enhance the power of a personal brand to skyrocket their business, career and impact.


Her company - The Success Engine, helps business owners and expert professionals to identify their personal brand and build professional impact, clarify their irresistible offer so that their ideal clients say - “yes, I want it!”, and enables them to position themselves in the marketplace so that their ideal clients find them themselves. Inga also supports business leaders to get the best out of their team though performance culture development, working with Talent Dynamics to do so.

  • Seeking the Opportunity

With a long and fruitful relationship with Genius Group, Inga has learnt and explored her way through many of the teachings available. Always seeking new opportunities for growth, Inga has taken part in iLab and become a flow consultant, as well as becoming a performance consultant in the near time. Ready to make her business go fully digital in 2020, Inga wanted fully digital systems and products, and the Success Engine was also at the point of growth. The business needed to start scaling to be able to jump to the next level, and this is where the Entrepreneur Summer School came into play.


The starting Agile Leadership Week allowed her to understand what she needed to do to get her business moving forward. In particular, she attributed her coach Terri Vincent as vital in encouraging her to change, especially when Terri challenged her promotion plan and supported her through enhancing it.

  • Going Above and Beyond

During ESS Inga went above and beyond most students by joining 2-3 micro-schools each week and implementing the homework given each night. Knowing that this time with mentors was invaluable, Inga seized the opportunities at her fingertips. Often putting her hand up first, asking questions and being in the Hot Seat when it was offered.


These seized moments enabled Inga to build and launch a new refreshed Facebook ads campaign, resulting in 87 leads in one night. Demonstrating the incredible power of action! Inga is confident that anything is possible if you believe and take action, and she walked her talk during the ESS to do so.


But not only that, during the ESS Inga built a Minimal Viable Product - The Visibility Made Easy 5 days Challenge for expert professionals and prepared the Personal Brand Impact Master Course ready for a November launch.


  • Passing on the Lessons

It’s about getting as much as you can from whatever you are doing. Learning, integrating, taking action, clarifying and ultimately growing. All in all, keep the focus and remember what you put in, you get out.


  • Issues Faced

- Business not fully digital
- Ready to scale business


  • Solutions Found

- Joined ESS, taking multiple Microschools
- Completing Homework
- Utilising Mentor Experience
- Seized Opportunities i.e. Hot Seat


  • Results Produced

- 87 Leads via a new Facebook Ad Campaign
- Built Minimal Viable Product
- Launching New Course in November


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