What is Social Impact? Actually? How do you create and manage it? How do you measure it? But, most of all, WHY is it important? 

For the last 2.5 months the fantastic Co-Founder and Co-CEO of the Future Proof Your Business, Sue Jackson, and I have been holding free, weekly webinars on this topic. Tomorrow will be our ultimate one which is all about answering your questions.  

Here are some of the questions we have already received by email:

- In post-COVID19 world, how can businesses focus on people and planet if their wisest strategy is to cut their operational costs?

- How do you 'future-proof' your business when the context changes so rapidly?

- A lot of what you have said sounds like Corporate Social Responsibility. What is the difference?

- What is the best model to ensure investment?

- Why do you have TWO CEO's?

The last one is easy! We have two CEO's because we need more feminine joy and empowerment in this world. The accronym stands for (in our case at least!): Chief Ecstacy Officer (Anne) and Chief Empowerment Officer (Sue).

For the other answers an further questions, please join us tomorrow on Wed 16.9. at 3 pm BST. You can register on Eventbrite

We also invite you to apply for our 4-week Future Proof Your Business Programme that starts on 28.9. If you apply, we'll give a Future Proof analysis consultation for free, after which we can together decide whether the Programme is good way forwards for you. 



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