Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 13th - 19th May 2019

May 15, 2019 at 01:53

Desktop 1.1 creation
Catherine Ord

Catherine Ord

Margaret River, Western Australia

Your Weekly Entrepreneurial Insight for 13th - 19th May 2019

From time to time we must turn our gaze inwards, even for only 5 minutes each day, in so doing we sink down into ourselves and carefully take counsel and think over the contents of our business.

Make no mistake that this thinking is only partly to do with considering those things done well, but more importantly to attune to the deeper striving that will lead you further towards your highest endeavor.

What Vector strengthens us inwardly to move towards our highest endeavor?

1.1 Creation
Strive and persist until you have reached a breakthrough.

Persist and don’t quit.
Invest time until creation is complete.

Being half-hearted or distracted.
Letting ego get in the way.

A dragon flying in the sky, depicting the imagination coming to life and visible to all.

Use this Vector to raise your Yang energy this week in order to foster creation, birth or new beginnings. There is direct communication open to Heaven, a great force at hand, turn inwardly for a time to harness the power and deeper guidance before stepping out into the world.

Know thyself before proceeding, know where you are going, the power is for the greater good aligned to the genius of you. Do not be concerned or attempt to rush, inspiration comes from above.

Forge alliances that compel leadership and strengthen creativity.
Squash all fear and foreboding of failure this week you must expand your energy.

As the pioneer, striving towards your highest endeavor, you have been bestowed the grace from Heaven that will lead to greatness, wield both innovation and perseverance.

Great power and potential will burst forth with your commitment, there is a calm before the storm, it is not the time to act on impulse. The lay of the land may look calm but there is rumbling in the ground, a beating in the sky.

Transformation is happening and you will emerge rising above all others.

1: No movement - human laws must always comply first to universal laws.
2: Like attracts like - associate with those who empower you.
3: Persevere and be diligent, working by day and staying alert at night.
4: Transitional period - uncertainty, a choice to be made either path will lead to success and fulfillment.
5: Advantage will be gained by meeting with the great “lord”, one with knowledge and virtue that will develop you further.
6: Success is attained, avoid arrogant thoughts and reckless behaviour - humility is needed.

Awaken to the imaginings that lie deep within you and channel the creative power to persist until you reach your breakthrough.

As Queen says, “It’s a kind of magic”,