Talent Dynamics 5.0 Test for Project Management 5.0

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  • Execute projects
  • Master project management
  • Learn project efficiency
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    Josef Hajkr

    Managing Director and Owner, Shine Consulting s.r.o

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    Why Discover Your Project Management Profile?

    Wealth Dynamics for Project management 5.0 is the world's leading profiling tool for project managers entrepreneurs making impact in the world. Find out which of the eight entrepreneur profiles is yours and how it connects your natural entrepreneurial path with your project management journey.

    - Gain practical knowledge that will help you successfully execute your dream project in the digital age.
    - Learn more about project management and how can help you in your life and work.
    - Find out your strengths in project management and discover how you and your team can get in flow.
    - You will learn the essentials from the right way to start a project to the successful completion.

    Your personalized report gives you clarity on understanding yourselves & identifying your natural talent and what you are good at. Based on WD supplementary report for Project management 5.0, you will identify how you can execute your projects according to natural profile and flow. If you know your profile, you can find other people with complementary profiles to help you get into the flow and achieve much more.

    Develop your digital project management skills.
    97 % of leaders consider project management a critical competency for sustaining organizational performance and long-term success.
    30 million project managers will be in demand in the global market by 2030.

    What do you get when you take the wealth dynamics for Project Management 5.0 Test?
    - One month ePowerPack training guide on your profile ($99).
    - Learning mission on GeniusU with the Flow Factor assessment to grow your flow.
    - A detailed 36 page report on your profile.

    About Josef Hajkr

    Josef Hajkr photo

    Josef Hajkr, with over 25 years in project management, is an IPMA Level B Certified Senior Project Manager with an MSc and Ph.D. from Brno University of Technology and an MBA from The Nottingham Trent University.

    His success formula? Implement plans promptly. An idea turns great when it's realized and valued. Form a team, enhance your digital mindset, and apply automation where feasible.


    About Shine Consulting


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    We are pioneers in creating a fair environment for executing projects, changes and innovations in AI age.  SHINE Consulting is supporting the transition to Society 5.0, a human-centred society. Society 5.0 needs a different approach to project management. It needs Project Management 5.0. Project Management 5.0, like Society 5.0, focuses on human aspects.

    Project Management 5.0 has three pillars - the CHARACTERS, the ATTITUDES and the CAPABILITIES of the people involved. Thus, we combine the Wealth/Talent Dynamics typology to discover people's characters, the unique MOTIV-ACE.COM  solution for creating self-organizing project teams and effective training of digital project management knowledge and skills.

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