Wealth Dynamics 5.0 Test for Evolutionary Women

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  • Know your natural style
  • Keep healthy foundations
  • Know the evolutionary key
  • Be inspired by women
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    Bea Benkova

    Bea transitioned from an aspiring central banker to a transformational coach.

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    Why discover your evolutionary woman profile?

    Wealth Dynamics for Evolutionary Women is the world's leading profiling tool for women entrepreneurs making impact in the world. Find out which of the eight entrepreneur profiles is yours and how it connects your natural entrepreneurial path with your evolutionary journey as a woman leading to an authentic, prospering and impactful business and an empowered, meaningful and wealthy life.

    - Understand and apply your natural style and superpowers as a woman.

    - Learn how to sustain healthy foundations in your life and overcome the fears and resistance unique to your profile.

    - Find out your most fitting evolutionary key to unlock your superpower and make the most meaningful impact.

    - Get inspired by the right female role models. Oprah followed a different evolutionary journey than Malala Yousafzai or Queen Elizabeth II.

    In your personalized report, you will learn how your Entrepreneur profile translates to your evolutionary journey as a woman - discovering your essential superpowers, overcoming your ego fears and transforming your limitations, and stepping into your Soul expression and evolutionary flow.

    Join 1000s of women entrepreneurs around the world who are following their entrepreneurial and evolutionary flow with GIFEW and Wealth Dynamics for Evolutionary Women in collaboration with GeniusU, the leading education platform for entrepreneurs.

    What do you get when you take the Wealth Dynamics for Evolutionary women test?

    - A detailed 12 page report on your specific profile as an evolutionary woman.

    - One month ePowerPack training guide on your profile ($99).

    - Learning mission on GeniusU with the Flow Factor assessment to grow your flow.

    - A comprehensive 36 page report on Wealth Dynamics and your entrepreneur profile.

    GIFEW logo

    GIFEW: Global Institue for Evolutionary Women

    The evolutionary home for women making impact in the world.

    Created for Women. www.gifew.org

    GIFEW (Global Institute For Evolutionary Women) is a transformational education and mentoring organization founded by entrepreneur Bea Benkova in 2012. With a community of 5000+ entrepreneurs, leaders, and activists extending far beyond its London headquarters, including members from 120+ countries across 6 continents. Its noble mission is to transform humanity through the aligned power of evolutionary women, which it tirelessly works to achieve by providing members with multi-dimensional education, engaging leading expert faculty mentors, and a stimulating and supportive environment for transformative learning, evolution, and co-creation.

    Bea Benkova

    About Ben Benkova: Star Profile; Founder of GIFEW; Co-Creator of Wealth Dynamics for Evolutionary Women

    Bea is a Global Transformation Leader who grew up in communist Czechoslovakia believing she could be anything she wanted to be. She thought she was destined to be the governor of a central bank when in 2006 she woke up to a health crisis in her family and the realisation that the ladder of her life was leaning against the wrong wall. Burnt out and stressed out, she got out of corporate life and embarked on a mission of healing, for herself and the women in her life.

    Her transformation coaching practice has been growing prominence and over 14 years Bea personally worked with women CEOs, public figures, politicians, scientists, authors, artists, educators, and professionals, and become established as the go-to transformational coach for women with influential and entrepreneurial women across the UK, Europe, Los Angeles, and New York. Bea founded GIFEW in 2012 to fulfil her mission for all women to fulfil on their missions and transform humanity through the aligned power of evolutionary women.

    "I believe it is every woman's birthright to be powerful and feminine, vital and wealthy, and live her life in her natural flow whilst having love, respect and synergy with men."

    Jan Polak

    About Jan Polak: Star Profile; Director of Evolutionary Programs and Impact at GIFEW; Co-Creator of Wealth Dynamics for Evolutionary Women

    Jan is a pioneer of a new business paradigm and purpose-centered enterprise with 20+ years of extensive experience as a business consultant, mentor and coach of executives and entrepreneurs around the globe.

    He helps entrepreneurs and mission-driven business owners striving to bring profitability and purpose together and seek a more meaningful way to prosper. When they work with Jan, they elevate themselves and their teams to play a more purposeful game and discover pathways to a limitless future for their growth and impact.

    He is an ambassador of hope, love, and joy...and his commitment is to empower, lead, and support entrepreneurs and businesses to evolve, thrive, and be a force for good.

    Having been involved with Wealth and Talent Dynamics as a Partner, Master Practitioner and Master Trainer since 2007, Jan co-created and facilitated Wealth Dynamics Flow and Performance Consultant certification programs from their inception successfully applying the approach and tools with various businesses.

    In GIFEW, Jan is the director of evolutionary programs and impact making sure that women can integrate their entrepreneurial and evolutionary journeys as well as reclaim their superpower to make a meaningful impact in the world.

    "In their healthy form, business and entrepreneurship are a potent way of human expression, evolution, contribution and effective form of collectively doing good."

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