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Humans In Flow

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Starts: Sat, May 25, 4:00 PM, Paris (Local: Sat, May 25, 2:00 PM UTC)


Ends: Sat, May 25, 5:20 PM, Paris (Local: Sat, May 25, 3:20 PM UTC)



  • Transform productivity
  • Double reading speed
  • Spark new ideas
  • Enter the zone often
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    Zander Garcez

    He published the book 'Humans In Flow' and he has 18 years of experience coaching professionals.

    Humans In Flow

    Flow is often achieved by Olympic Gold-medallists, high-performers in business and artists.
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    Welcome to the FREE Flow for Readers Masterclass!

    Experience the power of flow - an optimal state of consciousness where you both feel your best and perform your best.

    Trigger the Flow State while reading books, articles or social media to leverage your power to focus according to your Flow State Profile.

    Improve your reading performance by 112%. Guaranteed! 

    In this Masterclass, you will discover how to unlock the flow state in your intellectual, physical, and spiritual pursuits. Did you know that most people spend only 5% of their time at work in flow? It's a shame because you can become 500% more productive while in flow.

    According to a 10-year study by McKinsey, the world's leading management consulting company, executives in flow are 500% more productive. Forbes Magazine also highlights that the number one management metric you need to know is your Flow State percentage.

    Ready to unlock your full potential? Sign up for the Flow for Readers Masterclass now!

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