Empower Your Tween/Teen to Become an Independent Learner

A Free Masterclass for Home Educators and Homeschooling Parents to Help Them Guide Their Child to Set Learning Goals

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Starts: Tue, May 14, 4:00 PM, Brisbane (Local: Tue, May 14, 6:00 AM UTC)


Ends: Tue, May 14, 5:15 PM, Brisbane (Local: Tue, May 14, 7:15 AM UTC)



  • Set intentions
  • Unique learning
  • Build confidence
  • Independent learners
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    Karen Bonanno

    Karen is an accredited Genius Educator.

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    Help young people discover their uniqueness and support them on their life journey.
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    Do you wish your teen or teen could take ownership of their learning journey? Tired of feeling like the sole driver of your child’s education? Maybe you are looking to guide your children towards becoming self-motivated and independent learners. 

    This FREE 75-minute masterclass will equip you with the tools and strategies to help your tweens and teens set clear intentions, fostering a sense of independence and a love for lifelong learning. 

    In this masterclass, Karen Bonanno, a Genius Educator & Mentor, will share her future-focused approach to teaching and learning. With her extensive experience in providing personalised learning experiences, Karen has helped educators and students discover inspiring futures and develop into leading learners. 

    Join Karen and Discover: 

    ** The Power of Setting Learning Intentions: Why it’s critical for your child’s academic success and motivation. 
    ** The 5-Step Framework: Discover a simple yet powerful process to help your child identify and set clear, achievable learning goals. 
    ** Tailoring Intentions for Different Learning Preferences: Learn how to adapt the process to cater to your child’s unique learning approach and personality. 
    ** From Dependence to Independence: Tips on gradually transferring ownership of learning to your child, building confidence and responsibility. 

    Masterclass details:
    : Tuesday, 14th May 2024
    Time: 4:00 pm AEST
    [You can check this Event Announcer to find out the time in your location.]
    Duration: 75 minutes 
    Location: Online (A link will be provided upon registration.)


    This masterclass is for you if:
    -- You’re tired of feeling like the “drill sergeant” in your homeschooling environment. 
    -- You feel like you are constantly reminding your child to complete their work. 
    -- You’re looking for practical strategies to boost your child’s motivation and engagement. 
    -- You want your child to become a self-directed learner who takes initiative. 

    How to attend: 

    Register for Free: Secure your spot by registering through the link below. Spaces are limited to ensure a quality experience for all participants. 
    Mark Your Calendar: Save the date and time in your calendar so you won’t miss out on this opportunity. 
    Join the Masterclass: On the day of the event, click the provided link to join the live masterclass and embark on the journey to independent learning with your child. 


    Don’t miss this chance to empower your tween/teen with the skills to set their learning intentions and thrive as an independent learner. 

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