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An in-demand executive coach, mindfulness educator and digital wellness campaigner, Elizabeth dedicated to inspiring leaders and teams to work with integrity in a world where the “unthinkable” happens everyday and has a passion for integrating mindful practices into our digital and fast paced workplaces and lives. Her dedication and passion is underpinned by extensive knowledge in organisational development, leadership, and digital mindfulness and diverse experience in people capability, corporate leadership and consulting. The founder of the social enterprises, The Mindful Executive and Digital Detox Project, Elizabeth brings a unique and contemporary combination of experience and capability to her coaching, leadership development, workshops and presentations. Elizabeth currently works with and coaches executives, entrepreneurs and teams across a range of sectors to build their awareness and develop the mindset, attributes, rhythm and resilience they need to successfully navigate todays diverse challenges while building a sustainable future for themselves and their organisations. She also hosts Unplugged Camps for Families and writes on the topic of digital wellness.

Top Purpose

Good Health & Well-being

Healthy lives and well-being for all ages

Top 5 Passions

  • Leadership


  • Family


  • Learning


  • Spirit


  • Business


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Loves people, but gets distracted quickly, like Marilyn Monroe & Oprah Winfrey.

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Supporters are excellent with people, and will always be found in the middle of the party.



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Jenna Hughes

I had the pleasure of doing MT and PC with Elizabeth and WOW what a week! You are passionate, you can relate and I think you will be an asset to the younger generation and their families with your business and direction! I have been blessed to have met you and look forward to staying in touch and going on this journey with you :)

Deborah Harris

Elizabeth's care and compassion for others shows through in her digital detox programs and her mindfulness coaching. Her thirst for knowledge in this area has enabled her to bring together a wealth of knowledge drawn from many different frameworks to find an approach that is uniquely hers.

Daniel Halenko

I'm very surprised I am the first to be reviewing Elizabeth! Having worked with her for a few days now I can honestly say she is one of the most unsung hero's for education today. A burning passion to help others and the programmes she has already created look amazing.
When she speaks she does so with authority, clarity and a calmness that is as soothing as it is impactful. A bit like your mum talking to you when you were young.
She has so much experience that every day I learnt another side to her.
Highly recommend anyone to work with her.

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