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Mama Soul Reading Your Child's Genius

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Do you know the characteristics of your child's unique Genius?

Those that will empower them and lead them into flow.

Where do you start to become an empowered parent?

The reality is many parents are struggling.  

We are caught in reaction, tired and exhausted and have no idea what is best for our child.  

We are time poor and even our relationships can suffer when we become parents.  You could have read all the books and even attended courses, but find yourself confused about whether or not you are doing it right for your child.

In times of stress, we can lash-out, react and repeat the ways we were brought up with, usually these are out-dated and negative ways of behaving. We long to do it better and different from how we were brought up, but we don't know how and our society is so noisy with advice, generalities and is extremely quick to judge you if you do it "wrong" .  So we soldier on, hoping it will get better and easier.

Imagine there was an empowering way, where you could become the trusted Guide, understand your child's unique Genius and discover the keys for them to prosper and flourish.  

Keys that could unlock their Genius self and make your parenting so much easier.

There is a way...

A Mama Soul reading personally recorded for you decoded from your child's birth details  ~ your audio recording is sent directly to your nominated email for immediate listening.

Through analyzing the birth details you can discover your child's unique Genius self.  

Not only will the unique blueprint give you "eyes" to see your child in their gifts and talents, it will give you an understanding of their unique emotional needs, way of thinking and communicating.  It will give you a deeper insight into their mode of behaviour and even the best environment in which they will flourish.

My clients say:

“I'm so impressed. It's definitely amazing how it's exactly how we know them. Thank you so much.”  ~ Michelle’s Daughter in Law, Perth

“I finally got a chance to listen to the readings! Brilliant! Gives so much insight! Lots of things were exactly spot on” ~ Natasha, South Africa

Purchasing the impact to “Provide Hygiene Kit for a Girl”

Provide women and girls in Kenya with basic female hygiene necessities such as sanitary pads.

In Kenya, many women and girls living in poverty cannot afford to purchase disposable pads, and so use unsanitary and unhygienic materials such as old rags, which can cause infections. Many girls will stay home from school because they are embarrassed to attend school, missing a week of school every month - this can add up to 10 or more weeks a year!

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Recent Reviews



Mirna De Hart

Business owner

South Africa


As my two daughters were entering their teenage years, I decided to ask Catherine to do a reading for us. Knowing their genius has helped us to focus on their strengths and makes it easier for me to understand their individual strengths. Catherine has an amazing talent, her gentle way of exploring their personalities and genius with me was an added advantage. I will recommend Catherine as a "partner" in developing your children.