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The Influencer Challenge

Type: Mentoring Programs

Offered by: Adam Houlahan



This is our Influencer Program to help you on your path to becoming what we call a LinkedIn Power User or Influencer to many.

It takes the methodology outlined in my Amazon Best Selling book Influencer and unpacks the 9 Pillars of Influence in a clear step-by-step process for you.

This is not an overnight success program, becoming an influencer takes time and effort. The Influencer Program is an intensive ‘deep dive’ — a superb, results-producing methodology that creates a cutting-edge, lead generation sales funnel for almost any industry. It’s designed to give you the framework to follow to become the influencer you desire to be.

Being “Influential” in your industry transforms your marketing efforts in 3 important ways!

a) Your ideal clients are attracted  to you organically
b) Sales become effortless and you get paid what your worth
c) Your time is spent having sales conversations instead of prospecting

We cover the 9 steps to Influencer success

1. Discovering what it is you should become an influencer of

2. Unpacking your genius and message

3. Creating your Influencer profile

4. Growing your connections the right way

5. Metrics and measuring progress

6. Gaining visibility and traction

7. Your Content Strategy

8. Your Marketing Strategy

9. Monetising your Influencer status

At your own pace, you will learn the formula used by many of the world’s best social media influencers to position themselves to gain lucrative endorsement deals. Or to position themselves as industry heavyweights and recognised globally for their expertise.

Did you know by joining our Influencer Program 1,000 families receive access to Life-Saving water?

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Refund Policy

After the first session if you decide this program is not for you email within 2 weeks of purchase, with the subject line “no thanks, please refund” your payment will be fully refunded and no further payments processed

Recent Reviews



Annelize Booysen

United States


The LinkedIn Influencer program is the key to unlocking the potential that LinkedIn holds. The program is detailed and clear about the steps that one needs to take to get the most out of LinkedIn as a business asset. It is not a quick fix though, and Adam makes that clear, but that is a good thing. The program teaches you how to build a strong presence over time, very much like one would build a relationship. That makes it a solid strategy, instead of being a band-aid latest-must-have. I've learned a lot and have already seen the difference with the first elements that I've implemented. I highly recommend LinkedIn Influencer to anyone who is serious about learning how to use LinkedIn to its fullest degree.



The Influencer challenge has become the best investment in business information product I have ever made. The program is a wealth of knowledge that when followed step by step will teach you everything you need to know about how to become a person of influence on LinkedIn. Anybody who wants to become a true professional in their are of business, then this program is a must have.



Melanie Colling

Fun loving connector & collaborator



The Influencer Challenge is a game changer! Adam shares his wealth of knowledge which is soooo valuable and the connections made through this process has been amazing! It really works! I have been able to build my LinkedIn profile 3 fold since doing this program & I am growing this every day. In addition to that I am getting real business connections and genuine leads. It's so exciting! I highly recommend this to anyone who's target market is on LinkedIn.



Brett Jarman

Byron Bay, New South Wales


12 months after doing this program I am still using the tools and techniques EVERY day and recommend the program to someone at least once a week. The program is thorough, easy to implement, and, most importantly, it gets results. If you are working in the B2B space, or your target market is above average income earners, you'll find your clients on LinkedIn and the LinkedIn Influencer Challenge program will help you connect and engage with them. If you do what the program says to do, you'll earn your money back many times over.