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GeniusU Partner Accelerator Programme

Type: Mentoring Programs

Offered by: GeniusU



The GeniusU Partner Accelerator is a 12 week programme exclusively for GeniusU Mentors who are wanting to add $3500 per month to their current revenues by learning how to run a promotion.

The 12 week accelerator is a very practical, hands on programme, where you will define, plan, launch and fill the places for your promotion, using proven strategies that have been used in GeniusU and across Entrepreneurs Institute and Entrepreneur Resorts for the past 10 years.

Michelle Clarke, will show you how to grow your community of warm leads and generate programmes and marketing that create super loyal fans who trust you and want to work with you.

With a maximum of 12 Mentors in your group, you will be hand held through a week by week process to run a successful promotion, in such a way that you will generate results there and then and be able to replicate it thereafter each quarter yourself and with your team.

Michelle is the Chief Partnerships Officer for GeniusU. A Supporter profile who has been mentoring partners to run successful, high impact, profitable promotions for over 8 years now. Her ability to spot a gap in the market and know instinctively what the customers are wanting, has enabled her to set up and run campaigns resulting in multi millions of dollars over the years. Michelle will help you get super clear on your customers needs and how to create a really compelling promotion using your products and services

Recent Reviews



Catherine Ord

Founder of Wealth Vector System

Margaret River, Western Australia


Highly recommend this program! It has given me a framework that I can apply across all my businesses at any level of income. Her delivery and advice is high quality, direct and focused and I have found her continued support life changing as a global entrepreneurial woman. If your serious about taking your business to the next level enroll in this program today.



Kathleen Hamilton

GeniusU Mentor Community Leader

United States


I hadn't ever imagined how easy it could be to run a successful sales promotion. $30,000 in one quarter? HOW? Well, the Partner Accelerator program, that's how. With a clear structure and regular accountability meets, it's almost impossible not to hit your targets (and if you don't, it's on you!). Fabulous program, 1000% promotion plans all the way. So worth the investment to make returns and learn a replicable structure that you can use every quarter.



Michelle Nolting

Business Coach & Mentor

South Africa


This is amazing program where you learn to run sales promotions. Michelle is an exceptional leader of this program and her weekly perspective and assistance keeps you on track and focused. Success is a given if you follow her lead. Thanks Michelle!