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Platinum Wealth Vector Card Reading

Type: Mentoring Programs

Offered by: Wealth Vector System



The Platinum Vector Consultation

 is a comprehensive consultation 

that will give you deep clarity and direction  

in alignment with your true Genius 

and so much more.

It is a deep dive into the strength of 

* who you are

* your relationships

* your best thinking strategy 

* your best environment

* your wealth and 

* your purpose

Are you looking for a meaningful and practical way to gain clarity and direction?

Perhaps you want a way to understand yourself deeper 

bridging your entrepreneurial journey with Spirit (Consciousness).

This session is for open-minded entrepreneurs and leaders, 

willing to experience the outstanding accuracy of Wealth Dynamics, 

Pythagorean Numerology, Astrology & the I-Ching. 


Even if you have your Wealth Dynamics profile 

this session will take you further,

 into a NEW WORLD of Awareness. 

Giving you specific Insight for your best version.

“The key to growth 

is the introduction of higher dimensions 

of consciousness into our awareness. “ 

- Lao Tzu

In this session you will -

*Receive your own in depth personal report for your review during our call.

*Gain greater self awareness through the profile & astrological debrief.

*Receive insight into your business and your entrepreneurial journey through the Vector cards.

*Dive into your money story and uncover valuable insight to improve cash flow in the upcoming month


*Discover what your current life & entrepreneurial lessons are for the next 3 months and greater life themes.

*Understand your greater overall purpose and your signature approach for sustainability.

*Have clarity with your relationship to your business and with your clients and customers.

*Clarity on the top 3 priorities for your business to action now for the upcoming month.

*Receive some present time insight for any challenges you are currently facing.

REQUIRED: To be provided on booking, your birth details.

EMAIL: catherine@wealthvectorsystem.com

Power-packed 90 minute Zoom session ~ recording available.

For every Platinum Vector Consultation booked you are contributing to the World Game, 

the Wealth Vector System will give on your behalf to the Genius U Giving Impacts by

Purchasing the impact to “Provide a Business Training Program”

Help a woman who received a micro-loan establish, 

grow her business and lift her family from the cycle of poverty 

by providing one day's of fortnightly business mentoring session. 

On-going training is essential in imparting relevant skills 

such as financial literacy to ensure that their businesses 

are sustainable and profitable in the long run, 

allowing them to contribute to the livelihood of their families.

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