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Purpose to Profit Kickstarter Microdegree

Type: Certifications

Offered by: Mission Mastery Academy



Grow A Social Impact Business That Increases Your Influence & Profit, Without Losing Time As You Try To Figure It All Out On Your Own

Would You Like To Have...?

1 - Clarity on your business idea, or new direction?

2 - Greater connection to a bigger purpose and mission for your existing business?

3 - Direction on how to build your business focusing on your core strengths and values?

4 - Excitement about your potential to make a massive difference in the world?

5 - Confidence you're heading in the right direction?

6 - Knowledge of how you fit in to helping us solve some world problems by 2030?


Then enrol for the Purpose To Profit KickStarter Microdegree today. You'll create a personalized plan that fits your natural talents, passions and purpose connecting to the power of your purpose to drive greater impact and profit.

Here's A Sneak Peak At All You'll Discover & Implement:

Step 1 - The Purpose To Profit Formula 

-You will learn the 5 step Purpose To Profit formula and prepare to implement them; 

-You'll get finer distinctions on what the difference is between your life purpose, higher purpose, life's mission and how this helps you get clarity for your business idea. 

Step 2 - Purpose Discovery Process 

-You will discover your core expression modalities that give you direction on where you should focus your attention to have fulfilment, make a difference and tap into your Mojo; 

-You'll also discover your core motivations and values that need to be incorporated into your business model and your marketing messages to create customer resonance; 

-You will also discover the part of your purpose you need to focus on to reach fulfilment, impact and profit; 

Step 3 - Putting Your Purpose Into Practice 

-You'll start to implement what you've learned in this step right away; 

-You'll discover some core information here that you can use to "purpose up" your market position and branding; 

Step 4 - Creating The Heart And Soul Of Your Business Idea 

-You’ll learn how to determine what the heart and soul of your business is; 

-You will dive into some processes to discover more elements of your purpose that tap you into your Mission Mojo [Your ability to create the extraordinary]; 

- You'll get more clarity on your Life's Big Mission and how that aligns to one of the Global Sustainable Development Goals the United Nations has adopted to achieve by 2030 (or a goal beyond that chart);

-You'll create the heart and soul of your business ready for monetization; 

Step 5 - Monetization For Maximum Profit 

-You will learn various different social impact business models; 

-You'll create a monetisation model that is structured for triple bottom line profits (people, planet, profit); 

-You'll learn how to create gravity by aligning your offers to the Laws of Purpose and other Laws of Nature (Law of Attraction etc) 

- You will learn how to maximize your profit margins; 

-You will learn how to determine which marketing avenues are best for you to follow; 

Step 6 - Evolve Your Purpose 

-You will discover how your purpose is your path to your higher potential - even enlightenment; 

-You'll determine what your core life challenges are that will help you reach your higher potential as an entrepreneur; 

-You'll learn what the lower and higher purpose is of each of the challenges and repetitive patterns in your business so you know what to focus on what to do to breakthrough.

This microdegree is delivered via 20 byte-size videos and 5 playbooks on the GeniusU platform.

Microdegree Investment

We have put an action packed microdegree together for you, that we could easily ask $247 for, and you'd still feel you got great value. For the month of February only, while we are launching this on the GeniusU platform, you can have it for the awesome investment of just $67.

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