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Right Mission Right Money Social Entrepreneur Certification

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 Right Mission Right Money Social Entrepreneur Mentoring & Certification

As a Mission Mastery Academy Certified Social Entrepreneur, you are trained and certified as an expert in social entrepreneurship as you build your business model and launch it.  

The program is structured to make it easier for you to figure out all the details of your purpose, mission, business idea and how to put your social impact model together, using our self discovery processes and taylor-made for your blueprints.

This proven model has helped idea incubate and launch over 1,000 social impact businesses globally over the past 4 years.

                                 You are going to work through 6 self discovery processes and trainings.

Clarify Your Primary Expressions

In this highly transformative process you will develop a much better relationship with yourself, your soul, your past and how it’s pointing you toward what you’re really here to do on the planet, and how you’re here to serve;

You’re going to:

Discover your core Primary Expression Modalities that make up your life purpose and how you’re here to show up in the world;

Soul resonant words that represent your core values and motivations; Words to use to build resonant marketing;

Locate Your Mission Mojo

Mission Mojo the magical magnetism that occurs when you are totally in alignment will all elements within your purpose that can be injected into your business model. Specifically here’s what you’re going to clarify:

Your real life mission (how you’re here to serve humanity and the planet) and how it differs from your business mission;
How to integrate your life mission into your business mission to create a social impact model;

Your higher purpose (how you’re here to elevate the individual and yourself), plus how to articulate that in a clear easy to understand sentence;

The best niche market and your niche topic based on which best serves your purpose and achieves the big impact you want to make (your soul group in other words);

The core messages for your niche so they resonate with what you say in your marketing and content;

You will also write YOUR

1.  Purpose, life mission and business mission statements;
2. One sentence elevator pitch
3. Social good messaging
4. Positioning statement

Establish Your Social Business Legacy Model

You’ll go through an expanded paradigm process to clarify the best monetization model for you and your idea that maximizes profit, creates legacy and is future focused so you can build sustainability. Don’t waste time on something that will soon be redundant;

Clarification on:

Your offers and price points;

The monetization model that will lower your cost of customer acquisition so you increase profit;

Where to focus your levelling up if you’re applying this model to a business already in motion;

How to integrate the Laws Of Nature into your business and strategy to create magnetism putting The Law of Attraction into action for you;

By this stage you’ll have your business idea fleshed out and your business model built. Now we need to test the market.

Align Your Starting Point To Now Money Now

Here’s where you’ll test your idea to get “Proof of Concept” AND

Go to market to prove your concept and adjust your model if needed.

Clarify where to start getting the cash flowing if you’re just starting out;

Clarify your best ways to market yourself or company according to your purpose;

Remove Resistance

In this Highly Transformational and Life Changing Module it’s time to marry Mission, Money & Magnetism so you can become an unstoppable force for the good in the world and when you do what you love, the money will indeed follow you. I’m going to show you:

How recognise and heal the split brain hemisphere syndrome that is present in all of us, so resistance no longer holds you back.

What your actual personal resistance profile is, and what to do specifically when it rears its head.

How to marry the concepts of Mission & Money within you by going through a guided process to start to integrate the concepts of doing what you love, being on purpose and being richly rewarded for doing so.

How to dissolve limiting belief matrices, ancestral inherited limitation and collective consciousness beliefs that have been holding you back and keep you playing small, so you can create some momentum in the growth of your business.

7 Challenges 7 Solutions

Now we will do some final strategising on how you’re going to move forward, grow YOU so you can grow your business.

Learn the 7 Challenges that social entrepreneurs face as they build momentum in their purpose aligned business and what 7 solutions will help you either avoid these challenges, or deal with them with grace and ease if they happen to be part of your purpose to experience.

You’ll also learn the key components of building a successful business that making a profit, now you’re on the road to implementing your mission driven business. In this implementation strategy action guide you’ll build your overcome challenges strategy and set yourself up with every advantage to succeed.

The processes and training you will move through help take the angst out of putting your entire business model and idea together. You can be on your way and on the right track, focused on the right thing, creating momentum and accelerated growth toward making that impact.

Certification Assessment

You’ll have a final Certification Assessment to demonstrate:

- Understanding the principles of social entrepreneurship;

- Knowledge of how to build a social impact, triple bottom line business model;

- Social impact business model completed.

  • When you've completed the final Certification Assessment, and have demonstrated you understand social entrepreneurship and how to put a social impact business model together, you will be awarded with the Mission Mastery Academy’s Social Entrepreneur Certification.

    When YOU are ready:

    We will add you to our Certified Social Entrepreneurs page on the Mission Mastery Academy website with links back to your website and social media to give you more credibility and exposure.

    Apply to guest blog on our Blog For Changemakers to give you even more exposure.

    Receive 46 Training Videos - 9 Audio Processes - 18 Action Guides, Business Model Examples & Implementation Manuals - 38 Hours of Content.

    Q&A available in our Wiki or RMRM Circle and Facebook Group.

    An invitation to join our Private Taskforce of Changemakers Circle.

    This Right Mission Right Money Social Entrepreneur Mentoring & Certification is a Pre-requisite for our Right Mission Right Money Master Trainer Program 2, and qualifies you to apply to do the Certification 2 level.  With this level 2 certification you can teach this program through live workshops and online training programs.

  • What Graduates Have Said About Their Experience With RMRM

    " The RMRM self discovery processes have really opened up my Soul Purpose and shown me how to build a leveraged business and take my message to a global audience. I’ve managed to get my coaching business off the ground in a reality short time frame. I would never be where I am right now, without RMRM. It would have taken me 2 or 3 years to get here. There are so many courses where people leave you. Nicola’s format really hand holds you through the whole thing in authentic and genuine way."

    -Steven Levy, Executive Business Consultant

    "Discovering my precise mission and niche has made a profound impact in my business.  For a long time I felt stuck.  I knew I was headed in the right direction, but couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t having the success that I desired.  Working with Nicola and going through her Missions Blueprint process revealed the missing link for me. I identified my primary expression modalities and realized that I wasn’t using two of them at all in my business. I immediately implemented these modalities and within 3 weeks I had a complete shift in my business.  I got noticed by a top executive at Google as well as top Google influencers, I doubled my following online and I was approached by influencers in my niche to work with them. Nicola’s process is unlike any I’ve ever done before (and I’ve being in the business of personal growth for almost 20 years). I can’t say enough about the work Nicola does. It’s a no brainer to work with her and it’s well well worth the investment."

    -Lisa Engles, Inner State Coaching

  • “Before doing Right Mission Right Money I had no money, no clarity on how to talk about what I do, and I had a complete crisis of confidence. Now I feel clear about what my purpose is, how to get there and how to articulate it. I’m clear on my message and niche. Plus I’m now experiencing flow. Getting clear on who my niche market is has given me focus and a focused plan of action for developing my business which has now given me the confidence to more forward. People are totally responding to the new message and i have new clients already before I’ve even finished the program. With Nicola’s commitment to helping me get results fast, I’ve made more progress the 6 weeks of the program than I have in the the previous six months. If you’re ready to get results you need to work with Nicola this would be a good fit.“

    -Belinda Noakes, The Courage Mentor

  • “Amazing, enlightening and clarifying. I know that I’m on this earth for a mission to really make a massive impact on humanity. In my work with Nicola she just bought me to the true clarification and to my true mission. I know really why I’m here now. I have an amazing mission and vision that I can now articulate really clearly articulate, and I can truely monetise so I can help as many people. I’ve gone on to publish my second book, and am about to speak at an Ivy League University to 126 people! Many thanks for being an inspiration in my life.”

    -Ben Gioia, Influence With A Heart

  • The 3 levels of our Certification Program 1

    Option 1. Done By You Online (as listed above) $987

  • 46 Training Videos - 9 Audio Processes - 18 Action Guides, Business Model Examples & Implementation Manuals - 38 Hours of Content.

    Q&A available in our Wiki or RMRM Circle and Facebook Group.

  • >> Click Here To Enroll Now

  • Option 2. 6 Week Mentoring Live Calls & Email Support 

    46 Training Videos - 9 Audio Processes - 18 Action Guides, Business Model Examples & Implementation Manuals - 38 Hours of Content.

    Q&A available in our Wiki or RMRM Circle and Facebook Group.

    6 Live Group Mentoring and Intuitive Guidance Calls. Call schedules start in at the beginning of the third month of each quarter. Click here to check the next call schedule. This allows plenty of time to do the self discovery work needed to make the most from the mentoring calls.

    Email mentoring and support for 6 weeks.

  • Option 3. Mentoring With Retreat In Spain Or Costa Rica $4445

    46 Training Videos - 9 Audio Processes - 18 Action Guides, Business Model Examples & Implementation Manuals - 38 Hours of Content.

    Q&A available in our Wiki or RMRM Circle and Facebook Group.

    6 Live Group Mentoring and Intuitive Guidance Calls. Call schedules start in at the beginning of the third month of each quarter. Click here to check the next call schedule. This allows plenty of time to do the self discovery work needed to make the most from the mentoring calls.

    Email mentoring and support for 6 weeks.

    Attendance at our New Earth Leadership & Legacy Retreat in April or November in Costa Rica or October in Spain. Includes accommodation and meals.

>> Enroll For Mentoring + New Earth Leadership Retreat Here

If you have any questions about the options or course please post a comment below.

 Social Good Policy

Your enrolment triggers two amazing things. First a donation of a day's social entrepreneurs training is given to a women with a micro loan in a developing village to build a business. Second, a women in a developing area is given this same program to help them put their business model together in our Change Reactions 1 for 1 mentoring project.

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Marlene Allen

Marlene Allen

Mesa, Arizona, USA


Absolutely life changing!! Nicola has the gift to provide insight into the niche and ideal clients to serve, a must!

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