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Spiritual Direction with Wealth Vector System

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12 month Spiritual Direction with the Wealth Vector System

Are you ready to do business differently?

Are you ready to take charge of your relationships, making significant shifts in your team dynamics?

Do you have a Spiritual Mentor ?

A Spiritual Mentor to hold you accountable not only to your actions, 

but your deeper intentions, soul purpose and connection to your Higher consciousness.

At the beginning of each month, you will connect online with founder and chief practitioner, Catherine Ord 

to dive into your personalized plan for the month ahead with practical application and spiritual insight 

for yourself as an entrepreneur, your team and your business.

What is included in your 12 month spiritual direction with the Vectors

  1. *12 x 60 min One to one online calls with Catherine each month 
  2. *A physical deck of vector cards posted out to your directly

Over the 12 months, you will learn and experience a powerful proven card system that can give you:

● A greater self awareness 

● Alignment with creativity

● Strengthen your intuition

● Clarity on decision making

● An opportunity to have a monthly accountability partner

● Access to dynamic tools for conscious communication with partners, team and clients 

● Strategy for your wealth creation

● Assistance to build high performance teams 

● Focus to take the next step forward

● 3 key areas for execution for the month ahead

You will be encouraged to enter into your business and entrepreneurial journey from a different perspective. 

One that aligns and integrates timeless wisdom and dynamic modern day business practices.

Are you ready to enter into a whole new world?

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