Four Week Cash Flow Crash Course

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Four Week Cash Flow Crash Course
USD 297.00

Cash Flow Crash Course

When you join this four week program you will get the following:

1 > Four Week Live Training

Twelve 30 minute video modules delivered by Roger on Monday, Wednesday and Friday over four weeks, giving you a step-by-step guide to navigate the coming months successfully.

2 > Live Video Q&As

Four weekly live Q&As each Friday when Roger will answer your key questions, from Friday 27th March to Friday 17th April.

3 > GeniusU Microdegree

All videos will add to a twelve part online training Microdegree on GeniusU, the World’s leading entrepreneur education platform, where you can refer back to the videos with your team.

4 > Full set of Entrepreneur Assessments

The program includes a full set of Entrepreneur Dynamics Assessments, to assess your entrepreneur level, enterprise level, Wealth Dynamics profile, purpose, passions and talents.

5 > A Global Community: Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind

Be a part of the world’s leading group of social entrepreneurs, one thousand strong, with a one month membership to Roger’s Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind.

6 > Access to COWIN-2020 Buyers & Sellers Club

Learn about Genius Group’s trusted COWIN-2020 Buyers & Sellers Club, which includes weekly guaranteed revenues with entrepreneurs trading goods and services with each other.

7 > A Personalized 30 minute Navigation Call

The course comes with a personalized call where you get clear direction from our team of Genius Igniters on the next step to take right now based on your current situation.

All of Roger’s current Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind members receive the Cash Flow Crash Course free of charge. All new members receive all of the above, together with one month’s membership to Roger’s Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind - for just $297.

Next Intake Starts on 30th March 2020

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