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Entrepreneur Leader Circle

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Entrepreneur Leader Circle
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100% Risk-Free Guarantee

We unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction with the Entrepreneur Leader Circle for 30 days after you join. However, if you are not satisfied with the over 120 hours of content, worldclass features, online community and special bonuses, just send us an email and we will give you a full refund or exchange—whichever you prefer.

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  • Here’s everything you will receive:

  • Be the first one to access the the A.I. powered GeniusU Entrepreneur app
  • Be recognized and discoverable as a Leader
  • 12 Months LIVE Q&A Calls with Industry Experts and showcase of the latest trends
  • Take the free assessments to discover your talents, passions and purpose
  • Create and track your own events, opportunities and circles with your own leader dashboard
  • Become an affiliate and earn by referring others to GeniusU products and services
  • Free membership to the Entrepreneur Resorts & beach clubs around the world
  • Free Wealth Dynamics token to discover your talents
  • 1,000 Genius Dollars
  • Virtual ticket to Fast Forward summit 2018 Brisbane

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