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Your Genius

Which path would support you to feel like a genius? When you follow your natural genius, you live life with less resistance - and joy and success naturally flow towards you. Take the simple and free Genius Test and discover your genius.

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MMP Infrared to Red: Consistent Cash

This microdegree is relevant to you no matter which level of the Wealth Spectrum you are on. Learn not only the specific steps to move from Infrared ‘Victim’ to Red ‘Survivor’ level in the Wealth Spectrum, but also how to build a solid foundation to always be cash flow positive in your career, business and investments. Create a personalized plan that fits your natural talents, passions and purpose.

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Your Passions

How can you align your life to your passions? With this microdegree you will gain clarity about how to align your life to your most important passions. Learn how to redesign how you learn, live, earn and give in a way that sparks your passions. Find out how to connect your team and customers to their passions in a way that creates powerful, lasting impact. Take the free Passion Test.

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Your Purpose

Finally discover your true ‘why’ with the Purpose Test, and learn the key steps to align your daily life to your deepest meaning and motivation. Align with others who have the same purpose as you and give back through our partners, Buy1Give1.

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10x Your Impact

<p>Learn the steps to 10x your income and 10x your impact with the Impact Meter. Use these steps to play the World Game together with entrepreneurs around the world. This is a 14 day Microdegree that will show you how to use GeniusU to make a 10x impact!</p>

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Wealth Dynamics

Take the next step and dive deeper into the eight paths to entrepreneurial success with the Wealth Dynamics Test.

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Talent Dynamics

Learn how your personal path is linked to how you grow your trust and flow in high performing teams with the Talent Dynamics Test. Find out the steps to become a world class leader by understanding your team and organizing them by how they naturally grow their trust and flow.

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The Millionaire Master Plan

Learn which of the nine levels of the wealth spectrum you are currently at, and how understanding this master plan is critical to knowing the next step you will need to take in your entrepreneurial journey.

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Genius Guide to Success

In collaboration with America’s No.1 Success Coach, Jack Canfield, learn how to use your genius and passions and Jack’s Success Principles to follow your natural path to success.

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MMP Orange to Yellow: Startup Success

How can you move from Orange ‘Worker’ to Yellow ‘Player’ level in the Wealth Spectrum? This Microdegree will guide you through the 3 steps to move up by establishing an authentic identity based on your personal uniqueness, attracting others with far more ease through your value without the need to be chasing after customers.

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Genius Guide to Health

Follow your natural path to health with JJ Virgin and her bestselling books. The Virgin Diet and the Sugar Impact Diet. Align your diet challenge with your natural genius and passions.

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Flow Consultant

Flow Consultant Accreditation Program

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The Affiliate Accelerator

You are on the Affiliate Accelerator Microdegree…welcome! This microdegree will identify the 7 Key Principles to affiliate marketing. Based on the teachings of LeahMarie C. Ritz, Affiliate Marketing Expert; this microdegree will take you step by step through a blueprint to building a successful affiliate business.

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Find Your Flow

How can you use GeniusU to design your ideal life and business? With this microdegree you will gain an overview of the tools and resources available to you on GeniusU.

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MMP Red to Orange: Connection to Flow

Learn the steps to move from Red ‘Survivor’ to Orange ‘Worker’ level in the Wealth Spectrum, and rapidly get into flow by connecting to the flow of others in your market. Learn the 10 steps every successful entrepreneur takes in their earning and impact to go from zero to a million.

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Yellow to Green: Scaling Team and Time

Learn the steps to move from Yellow ‘Player’ to Green ‘Performer’ level in the Wealth Spectrum, transitioning from a small business to a high performing enterprise. Discover how the winning formula to start your enterprise is now your losing formula to grow it.

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Your Legacy

How can we unlock ancient wisdom to guide us through our life and entrepreneurial ventures? Discover the key through which you will know what is the next right thing to do - always keeping the bigger picture in mind.

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Entrepreneur Mentor Certification

With this certification you will acquire the mastery of mentorship. The journey ahead of you is set up over a 12 week time-frame which will take you through 12 microdegrees.

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Find Your Flow
With GeniusU

Take a simple assessment of your internal values and get guidance writing your 3 month vision. Set your goals for how you want to learn, live, earn and give. Gain an overview of the tools and resources available to you so that you can learn how to use your Genie and GeniusU to design your ideal life and business and connect to your new global community.

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