What is the purpose of a pitch deck?


Ultimately, a pitch deck is designed to persuade a target audience to do what you want them to do.


There are four different types of pitch decks and we will cover them all in this course...

  • Customer
  • Partner
  • Team
  • Investor

We will also cover some great tools and techniques to make your deck look and feel professionally crafted with some beautiful examples from the world's most clever people.



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Microdegree Outcomes

Pitch decks and the accompanying pitch are often the most successful and highly visual way of persuading investors, team, partners and customers to come on board.


  • We will work through pitch decks and what they should (and should not) include.  
  • How to make them beautiful and persuasive
  • We'll cover the art of pitching
  • What other documents you may also need

And as our grand finale, we'll even have a pitching contest with special prizes and judges!

  • Create a pitch deck that suits your needs
  • Learn the art of pitching
  • Create templates to use over and over again
Your Microdegree Mentor
Deborah Harris
Deborah Harris Mentor

My teams at The Grow CFO Co. work with some of the world's leading entrepreneurs and impact-centric businesses across the globe... Our Chief Financial Officers craft great strategies for people like Roger James Hamilton and his teams from Entrepreneur Resorts and GeniusU.


I challenge my team to make sure that anything they do for big businesses can also be rolled out to smaller and start up businesses. Why? Because if you have the courage to make a difference in your world, you deserve the very best support we can give... 


We actively support the United Nations sustainable development goal of Quality Education and know that we can give great insights to the businesses in our care.

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Degree Steps

Session 1
Quick Quiz
Customer Pitchdecks
Partner Pitchdecks
Team Pitchdecks
Investor Pitchdecks
Session 2 - Q & A Session
Session 3
Earn the right
Supporting documents
Q & A Session 1
Q & A Session 2
Submit your Pitch
Final Session PitchFest