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Thought leaders. Many of us would love to be one, but what exactly are they?

From my experience of helping many clients find their voice, a thought leader is someone who has the expertise and authority to be sought-after for their...


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Trevor Merriden

Trevor Merriden posted Why short words work best

Jul 24, 2020 at 07:50 in United Kingdom - Report

There is no doubt. Short words have a power that long words do not. Phrases with short words stick in our heads. We repeat them back – they touch us because we know what they mean. It’s not just the stuff of the big speech – always best spoken...


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I have been, am and will always be unashamedly passionate about the value of great content for your business. You can – and must – pay lots of time and attention to it. Why? Your content is important because it sets the tone for everything that...


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