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Charlotte Mawle Mentoring & Coaching
Perth WA, Australia
I support female entrepreneurs to grow their teams through my coaching and mentoring programmes.
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About Charlotte Mawle Mentoring & Coaching

My mentoring and coaching programmes are designed to support professional women who have made the decision to set-up and run their own business after leaving a corporate job.  Fed up of juggling a corporate career and family responsiblities you were looking to get more 'work-life' balance.  You've been going pretty well over the first couple of years and you've consistent revenue but less time and are working more hours and you need help with starting your team.  


As an expert in team development I work with you to get the right people in place.  It's not just about finding out what types of people you need on the team, but how you get that team to be performing and productive in the shortest time possible, as well as ensuring they are happy and engaged.

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