Annette Stewart is a female lawyer in Durban, South Africa who owns and runs her legal practice where only women are employed. Something she’s always wanted to have. After a few trials and attempts at achieving her dream, she finally created the practice of her dreams working with only family law clients
Going Digital

During the Covid-19 crisis, Annette pivoted her legal practice to be completely digital as this allowed her to continue delivering value to her clients and businesses at large, who were desperately in need of legal guidance and advice.

Annette also realized that the process and skills she learnt through GeniusU and by taking part in the Crisis Leadership Academy in July 2020, could be structures to help and support other female lawyers who were struggling. Her question to herself, why am I keeping all this amazing value and help to myself?

Sparked from this revelation, she began to develop a digital platform where specialist female lawyers could join, collaborate, share resources and support one another. She encouraged them to specialise and lean into their flow.

Standing Up for the Women

The collaboration and empowerment the lawyers involved have enjoyed so far have ensured that these women remain economically independent and active, can service their clients through a collaborative specialized skill pool with feminine energy that makes clients feel safe, legally protected and part of their family.

Annette believes that providing a powerful woman with the ability to work digitally without sacrificing their loved ones and life, is the perfect balance female lawyers deserve. In their collaboration and female empowerment, they are changing lives, communities, and the world, one case at a time.

Her advice to others is to step into the now. We don’t have to do things like we always have. If COVID has shown us anything is that they are plenty of ways of doing the work we need to do and we can adjust for people’s needs whatever they may be.

Problems Faced
- Unable to meet face-to-face due to Covid
- No digital services

Solutions Found
- Crisis Leadership Academy
- Genius U Community

Results Achieved
- Fully Digital Services
- Female Lawyers Platform and Community for Support

Annette’s Info

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