There is a big difference between goal setting and goal achieving. Saying you want to earn a certain amount of money or start your own business without setting a clear and actionable plan as to how that’s going to happen is simply just a hope and a wish. And even then, once you are extremely clear about what it is you want, you must come up with an action plan as to how you are going to enter into the highly coveted space of goal achievement -- and then commit to taking massive and relentless daily action.


Shifting from goal setting to goal achievement requires you to do three things exceptionally well. Here are three things that you can start to incorporate into your everyday life.


  • Get extremely clear about what it is you want.

The first part of the process is to get extremely clear about what exactly it is that you want. Saying you want to make more money next year isn’t being extremely clear. It’s a start and certainly better than not wanting anything at all, but it’s still just a wish.


This will help you get started on the process of getting extremely clear about your goal.


Take your most important goal right now -- whether it’s to make more money, or land the promotion at work -- and spend some time focusing all of your attention towards getting very clear about the answers to the questions.


When you set a meaningful goal and then get extremely clear about those questions, and an incredible transition can begin to take place.


  • Create your game plan for success.

This part of the process can drastically increase your chances of achieving your most audacious goals. After you get extremely clear about your goal, create a list of everything that you have to do in order to achieve that goal.


Take the time right now to make a list of everything that you have to do in order to achieve that major goal of yours. Even if there are 100 things that you write down, write them down.


  • Take consistent and persistent massive action.

All three things are greatly important, but this step is the ultimate differentiator and transition between goal setting and goal achievement. Unfortunately, too many people spend their precious time looking for the secret formula out there that will help them achieve their deepest desires and biggest dreams that will take minimal effort on their behalf. But that's not the thing.


After you have your action list created, move two to three things from your list over to your daily to-do list. Most people spend their days creating to-do lists that consist of tedious tasks that hold very little value in helping them advance their lot in life.


Every single day -- day in and day out -- take massive action doing something that will help you in the achievement of your biggest goal. You will get knocked down, experience all kinds of hardships, but when you consistently and persistently move forward, you will be amazed at what begins to transpire in your life.


However, it will guarantee that over time you become a new person that wakes up every day with a new passion and desire to face the day ahead.


Just remember, there is a big difference between goal setting and goal achieving.

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