Before attending 'Crisis Leadership Academy' Nitzan didn’t have a concrete idea for his business. Nitzan knew what direction he wanted to go in but he couldn’t move forward. Still working full time, Nizan wanted to build a secondary business and had attended a Wealth Dynamics event back in January in San Diego, which is where his journey with Genius Group first began.


  • Defining the Market

The biggest challenge Nitzan faced with his own business was creating a defined product that had a good market fit. He wanted to create the right service for those who needed it now. So with his background in software engineering, Nitzan decided to build a product specifically for teachers.


However, shortly after joining CLA, Nitzan realized his product idea would be better suited for Education Entrepreneurs. The ones with a quicker ability to pivot their own business and go online. A match made in heaven. Nitzan’s aim was to help them move their experience and knowledge online, helping them to develop an online curriculum and supportive processes.


  • The Right Feedback

This is where the Crisis Leadership Academy really enabled him to find the clarity he needed to be able to build the online programme for the educators Nitzan wanted to help. One of the biggest benefits of joining the Academy for Nitzan was the feedback sessions in the groups. He was able to receive fast feedback on his products and it ensured his product was a good fit and could launch quickly.


Nitzan also found the community support helpful, as the people and programme provided the much-needed motivation to focus. The deadlines pushed him to succeed, as well as focused him to be clear and organised about his next steps. He also felt the divided streams within the programme, of which he was in Freelancer (designed for those just beginning), were the perfect set-up. Connecting him with the right facilitator and group to support him where he was at. It was relevant and great value for his time.


  • Launching with Clients

Since completing the programme he’s been able to work on two projects. One a collaboration with Tammy Vallieres, supporting her to move her workshop online and creating a bot to deliver the programme homework etc. The second project was in supporting Dr Gerry, a chiropractor who has been in private practice for 27 years, to move his expertise online but didn’t have the IT knowledge or skills to do so. As a result of working with Nitzan for few weeks, Dr Gerry has since launched his online program successfully to his patients.


With his business now launched and ready to go, Nitzan has a pipeline that is beginning to fill up and he is running a fully operational online business. He’s focused and ready to move forward.


Challenges Faced

- Undefined Product
- Find the right Market Fit
- In need of Support


Solutions Found

- Joined Crisis Leadership Academy
- Found Mentor and Community at the appropriate level


Results Produced

- Client per month since launch
- Wide Network for growth


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Genius U

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