I've put together this wizard to help me gather my scattered thoughts when planning my marketing strategy for 2020. If anybody here is keen to test drive it, it will be much appreciated: https://your-marketing-mentor.com/just-for-geniusu/

The wizard, to be used with my "Marketing From The Inside Out" ebook, aims to bring together the different elements of marketing with your purpose, your passions, and the basics of Wealth Dynamics principles. It starts with understanding your target market and ends with you writing your unique marketing job description based on your four genius energies. 

It takes you through the following 7 steps:

  • Step 1. Segment your market 
  • Step 2: Understand your avatar
  • Step 3: Determine your campaign timing
  • Step 4: Set your campaign goals
  • Step 5: Recognise your purpose
  • Step 6: Uncover your passions
  • Step 7: Find your flow

The next step is to work on the recommendations reports based on the answers, but that's for another day...

Thank you!

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