Week 1 November Development Update

Nov 8, 2019 at 07:20

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We've been hard at work behind the scenes of GeniusU these past 2 weeks - pushing the development along so that we have some exciting releases for you before the end of the quarter. Here are some updates curated specially for you! Please drop thoughts, feedback and comments below - our team reads them every week! 


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Every week we spend some time fixing bugs on GeniusU! You can report bugs by emailing - we then take these bug reports and give them to our developers (we're looking to build a reporting tool directly into GeniusU this quarter - do you have any tools you know of or websites that do this well already? Add them in the comments below!)

To report a bug, please include the following:
1. Title: Please make this descriptive as we use this as our title in our reports
2. Severity: (Low | Medium | High | Critical) based on who is impacted. If a single client please give user ID or email address.
3. URL of the issue (very important)
4. What you expected to happen
5. What actually happened
6. Screenshots

This week the developers fixed welcome videos in microdegrees which weren't showing, allowed mentors to move the sections of their microdegrees again, and fixed some system errors in the backend - which you can't see, but make a world of difference! 

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Speaking of development behind the curtain - we've been spending a lot of time these last 2 weeks untangling years worth of communication between our CRM (Salesforce) and GeniusU. You see, we have a lot of information that syncs across to GeniusU from Salesforce - and this requires GeniusU to call out to Salesforce every minute to get the information we need. This puts a lot of stress on GeniusU and slows the site down. So the developers have been working on making it easier for GeniusU to get the information it needs - by salesforce pushing the selected information across, rather than GeniusU having to call for it. Complicated, right?

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New Development

We're entering the first stages of testing for the new 'Assessments' part of GeniusU. You may not know this, but many of our tests like the Genius Test, the Passion Test, and Wealth Dynamics test have been built on sites outside of GeniusU. What this means is we have to build a number of integrations and make the sites communicate with each other. So this new system we've built will all sit connected to GeniusU - making it easier for Consultants to get their tokens and track their clients, making it easier to share tests and track effectively as an Affiliate, and making it easier for you to find all of your assessment results in one place! How cool is that?!

We'll be testing the beta version internally next week, and then we'll be releasing a test version to our Consultant community who want to be a part of the testing group to get some more feedback. If you'd like to be a part of that process and you're a Flow/Performance consultant, please say so in the comments below! 

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We're also well on our way to having a new testable UX for GeniusU. This will include new styles for across the site and a clear pathway for new members to take when signing up. Super exciting stuff! If you're a Mentor on GeniusU keep an eye out for an application to become part of the GeniusU testing group - we're making you part of the process of development if you want to be - the application will be posted in the Entrepreneur Mentor Circle and the Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind circle! We look forward to hearing from you.

Have a fabulous weekend - and you'll hear from me again next week! 

Kathleen & the GeniusU team