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Abdul Moeid

Abdul Moeid


Pakistan Telecommunication Network (PTCL) is the largest Integrated Information Communication Technology (ICT) Company of Pakistan. It was started in 1947 with a small setup. PTCL is connecting users in Pakistan for more than 70 years. It gathered to offer latest digital and telecommunication technologies today. It is the largest fixed line network among the country. PTCL offers various products and services to its customers which include high speed broad band internet, wireless internet offered by different devices such as Evo and Charji. PTCL provides different economical Broadband Packages to facilitate its customers so that they can enjoy high speed internet at a reasonable price. PTCL users can any time Change Name and Password of PTCL Wi-Fi.    

STEP 1: Access the range of wireless signal transmitted by internet router by seeing the signal strength displayed on your Laptop which is connected to through Wi-Fi by walking at different places in your house.

STEP 2: Move your internet router to a different location. The best signal for limiting wireless signal range is usually the center of house or apartment. Try with different locations until you see a change in signal range.

STEP 3: Change the direction of routers wireless antennas. Put the antenna away from neighboring properties or the street. Experiment with different antenna positions until you notice change in signal strength. If your router is connected with 2 antennas remove one of them to reduce signal range.

STEP 4: Modern wireless internet routers usually include a radio power setting. Reduce this to minimize the signal strength or take help from routers manual

STEP 5: Paint the outer walls of your house with special wireless signal blocking paint. This paint is also called Anti Wi-Fi paint which include tiny aluminum iron oxide particles that prevent wireless internet signals and other radio waves from passing through. This method is very effective to minimize signal range of your router but it will be a time taking process. This measure protect against snoopers and hackers.

These were all the steps that should be followed in order to reduce signal range for PTCL Wi-Fi router. Users can try using different methods from all the methods mentioned above which they find easier or which they find effective. After this signal range will surely be reduced and network will become more secure.