B1G1 and the World Game

Oct 9, 2019 at 13:53

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An exciting development announcement!

We’ve integrated our partnership with B1G1 (Buy1Give1) into the GeniusU Platform!

If you are already a B1G1 member, you can link your B1G1 account with your GeniusU account  your account settings area. Once you do, you can add Pledges to your GeniusU products, microdegrees or events. When you sell any of your items, in your Dashboard you’ll be told exactly how many giving impacts you need to give, based on your GeniusU sales and the pledges you made. 

As a B1G1 member, you can also do even more on the B1G1 platform - more on that at the bottom of this post. 

How does this affect the World Game?

By linking your B1G1 account and adding Pledges, you’ll be playing the World Game as a Business for Good - your products, events and microdegrees will show what you’re pledging to give - and members on GeniusU will be directed towards your items as World Game products. 

Free members on GeniusU play the World Game by buying World Game products, going to events, and buying microdegrees that are linked to the World Game - so as a World Game mentor, your pledges matter! Customers want to know that your business is making an impact in the world, and is a Business for Good. 

If you choose not to become a B1G1 member, for this year you can still play the World Game as a Mentor by buying Impacts in the webstore through your company, as well if you’re just an individual making individual giving. 

What about my existing pledges?

If you haven’t linked your B1G1 account or choose not to create one, your pledges have been removed from your products. When you connect your B1G1 account any time later, you can reactivate your pledges directly from your settings or the World Game page. 

If you choose not to create a B1G1 account, as a GeniusU Mentor this year until January 2020 you will still be able to make giving impacts through the GeniusU webstore and stay in the World Game company rankings. 

Why should I sign up to B1G1?

GeniusU began its partnership with B1G1 over 10 years ago and we are thrilled to be integrating B1G1 even more into the World Game.

B1G1 is a social enterprise that helps Entrepreneurs to achieve more and create more impact in our world, by embedding giving activities into everyday business operations and creating unique giving stories. With B1G1, every business activity can impact lives from as little as just one cent.

When you join B1G1, you will also get access to give to their full list of 400+ high-impact projects, and a suite of tools and resources that allow you to connect your giving more deeply with your customers and community. Learn more about how it works here.

What’s the cost?

Your business can now belong to the B1G1 Movement from just $1/day depending on your company size. And when you give through B1G1, fully 100% of your giving goes to the projects you support. So, the small membership fee enables every business to know where their giving goes, ensure they are supporting carefully vetted projects and they can track their impacts against the Sustainable Development Goals.

And lastly - what does this look like in the next year?

On GeniusU, our mission is to connect the entrepreneur movement - with personalized pathways to take people from where they are to where they want to go, by providing the next learning step, the next connection to make, the next event to attend, and the next step to earning and giving. B1G1 is the best tool for entrepreneurs and businesses to integrate giving into everything they do - and we’re going to make this visible in a big way in 2020. 

Imagine a World Game that drives us towards the Global Goals at speed with stories about how giving is impacting lives around the world.  

Imagine a webstore full of products by companies that give - and the impact of giving tracked from each purchase, to a life changed.

Imagine taking learning steps and knowing that you’ve just provided clean drinking water for a child or planted a tree.

Imagine knowing who the top giving businesses are online, providing valuable tools and delivering on their purpose. 

Imagine being able to find entrepreneurs based on their purpose and connect with them directly, and see what giving they’ve made as well. 

All this is coming - we’re getting our heads together at GeniusU and B1G1 to make the site spectacular. 

Keep on giving,  

Kathleen & the GeniusU Team 

  1. 1. Go to your Settings, and log in or sign up for your B1G1 account, and you’ll be directed to your pledges. 
  2. 2. If you’re a Mentor, join the World Game Mentor circle here 
  3. 3. If you’re a Member or Citizen you can join the World Game circle here