Here Are Basic Guidelines to Buy An Air Conditioner In India

Sep 11, 2019 at 18:49

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Sophia william

Sophia william

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Summers can be a scorching beast chasing at you at this time of the month. The whole of India is on fire as we can witness the mercury rising. Well, this is exactly when air conditioners come into the scene as a life savior. 

Buying Air conditioner in India can be tricky at times and you might end up buying the wrong AC for you. But, worry not! We are here to guide you to buy the best air conditioner within your budget.

Go for energy-efficient: Higher the rating, lower the electricity bill: Air conditioner adds heavily up to monthly electricity bill and there is no secret to it. Hence, always choose an AC that consumes less power and meets all the requirements over the rest. Choose an AC with ratings between 3 and 5. The higher the rating the lesser is the energy consumption. You can check napoleon split ac online for better design and efficiency to match your living room wall. One more thing to note here is the newly introduced inverter ACs which mostly in real life consumes less power and in some cases rated separately by the govt. bodies as big as BEE. However, inverter ACs is a bit on the expensive side than the regular AC.

Size matters: An important aspect to keep in mind because a miss can either lead to insufficient cooling or turning your room into the North Pole. Size of the room must be kept into consideration before buying an AC. A room size of 100 to 120 square feet, a good 1 ton AC is sufficient. For a room around 175 square feet, you can opt for a 1.5 ton AC and so on. You can check out napoleon ac price 1.5 ton if you are looking for a nice AC for your room. Buying the right size AC also helps you further save the electricity because you will use your AC optimally.

Design: If your choice is tasteful, then go for an AC design that blends perfectly with your interiors. Some color variant AC is suitable for installation in most rooms. However, there are also ACs which comes in different colors and patterns. Such ACs looks perfect on a dark-themed room. You can search for napoleon split ac online and get the preferred color and design of your choice.

The noise tolerance level of the room, where the AC will be fit: The noise of the air conditioner isn’t always a deciding factor if you are placing the air conditioner at home. However, you may want to reconsider, if you are looking to install the appliance in the bedroom or study. Window ACs makes significantly more noise than split air conditioners.  The window AC is suitable for most small and medium-sized homes living rooms. In case you are looking for split AC for your warm and cozy study room, check out napoleon ac price 1.5 ton for the best buy.