The Basics of SEO Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Sep 11, 2019 at 09:14

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Samuel Pancaro

Samuel Pancaro

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is one of the most powerful marketing tools available today, that can boost the popularity and reach of a business at a very low cost. For an entrepreneur, this comes as a boon - because for the typical entrepreneur, budgetary constraints determine most of the initial capital expenditure. In order to generate revenue and become a profitable business, an entrepreneur has to use the resources available on hand to drive business through marketing and publicity, which take up a lot of financial resources to do correctly.

As the entrepreneur is trying to get the brand off of the ground, and develop the organization into a bigger form, he/she is most likely short of time, effort, energy and budget to accomplish the same. And so as it pertains to SEO, there are a few basics, that if known - can really help to accelerate the growth of the business to new levels and to help the business stand out from among the background noise of the online community.

Focus on your content

Content is king, and as such, good content will almost always certainly triumph over any marketing gimmicks in the long run and will ensure that your SEO is well optimized. While this is an organic approach to growth which takes up a lot of time and effort to produce, it has the most benefits as it pertains to SEO.

Know your audience.

With SEO, we are dealing with the company website, or a blog that is aimed at serving the needs of an audience in your niche. Defining the niche well, and tailoring the content provided to reach that specific audience at the outset will do wonders. For such an activity to be successful, it requires a bit of research - keywords, titles and so forth that are relevant, and which are currently trending for your particular niche. Using social media to fish out such keywords and hot topics that the public are in to, is a good, no-cost option to boost your SEO.

Know your competition.

If you are looking to increase your business website’s visibility, you first need to know who is occupying the first place in your niche, and how you can either outsmart or learn from the competition. Analyzing your competitor’s data and approach to SEO and creating a template from which you can properly optimize your website is therefore the smartest thing to do, when looking to boost visibility. The best SEOs are often copied from the competition, because it is the safest bet to make.

There are few automated tools that can do this sort of mapping very easily with minimal effort on your part, which are worth taking a look at.

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