What Should Start Ups Know about Hiring a Startup Lawyer?

Sep 10, 2019 at 12:48

Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams

Palo Alto, CA, USA

Just having a business idea and the finances to execute the same isn’t enough, to begin with, a start-up. There is a lot that goes into building a start-up and taking it further. There are challenges at every step and you need to tackle them smartly. In order to overcome certain hurdles and ensure that your work runs smooth, you must hire a good startup lawyer.

Here are a few things that startups must know about hiring a lawyer:

Know the Need to Hire a Lawyer

When you are starting up with a business, everyone will have some of the other advice for you. You will often be asked to hire an experienced lawyer to handle various legal matters. Do not go by what others say, try to find out why they are saying so before you begin your search. You must know when and why you require a lawyer to discuss your requirements better and strike the best possible deal. 

Here are some of the times you will require consulting a lawyer:

  • You will need the services of a lawyer at the time of incorporating your business. Many legal formalities need to be handled as you establish a firm. It can be quite daunting to refer to the internet each time you require dealing with a legal matter. Besides, there is always a scope of error even if you get all the information online as you aren’t skilled in the field. It is best to hire a startup lawyer to handle the task.
  • You will certainly need a lawyer at the time of obtaining patents or getting your product/service trademarked. These are hardcore legal matters that are best left to knowledgeable and skilled lawyers. 
  • A lawyer is also required while negotiating contracts and deals with customers as well as vendors/ suppliers. The terms and conditions of the deal being signed need to be drafted clearly in order to avoid any confusion that may lead to legal issues later. Likewise, the terms and conditions on the company’s website must also be on point. This task can best be handled by a lawyer.
  • License agreements are required for software. These cannot be drafted by someone who doesn’t possess thorough legal knowledge. Only a lawyer can accomplish this task.

Know the Things to Consider While Hiring a Lawyer

Here are some of the things that need to be considered while hiring a startup lawyer:

  • Knowledge about the Field

It goes without saying that you should go for a lawyer who has thorough knowledge about the field. You may check his past record and even get in touch with his earlier clients to get an insight into the way he has been handling the cases. This should give you an idea about how knowledgeable and skilled he is. 

  • Approachability Factor

It is suggested to request a free consultation session before you finalize a lawyer. During this session, you will learn how open and approachable these lawyers are. Do not go for one who is too rigid and closed.

  • Affordability

Being a start-up you may not have as much budget to hire an experienced lawyer. In such a scenario, you may opt for a good lawyer from a startup law firm. The amount charged by a lawyer from a start-up firm is certainly lower compared to that charged by lawyers from established law firms.

Many start-up law firms have come into existence in the recent past. You may get in touch with a few of these to choose the best among them.