Our new book with GeniusU Co-authors from 5 Continents is available for pre-order today!

Aug 28, 2019 at 17:39

Desktop roosmarijn haring you are a genius book

With blushing cheeks, I hereby tell you that our book, YOU ARE A GENIUS, is available for pre-order today!

In the book YOU ARE A GENIUS, 18 global innovators that are all on #GeniusU here have been brought together to share their inspiring stories about how they have discovered true genius and found their flow. Beautiful fragile stories about how they have managed to create a joyful, wealthy, goal-oriented life with a meaningful contribution. I am proud to tell you that my story has been selected for publication alongside these inspiring men and women.

Each chapter is a gem that gives you new insights into your innate strengths, your superpowers and ultimately about the genius in you.

We're a global community - so choose the link that best fits YOU <---- Residents from USA and ALL other locations except UK, Australia & the Netherlands <---- Residents from UK  <----  Residents from Australia <----- Voor als je in Nederland woont en niet via de US Amazon kunt bestellen