Entrepreneurship Is Ticket To Freedom

Aug 14, 2019 at 07:51

Desktop freedom

The Entrepreneur Journey Is More Predictable Than Most People Think. The beginning of the journey is hard and unrewarding and we need to plot a course for becoming the type of business that delivers results. 

If you’re ready for entrepreneurial freedom, you need to switch your thinking and your day-to-day habits. You need to have a lifetime mindset so you can develop the vision, stamina and follow-through to grow a successful company. 

Fortunately, with these tips, you can make the shift and get the entrepreneurial freedom that you’re looking for. Make these changes early on and you’ll set yourself up for success and happiness in the long run. 

1. Drop The Employee mindset 

There’s a big difference between being an employee and being an entrepreneur – and the sooner you realize that, the better. You need to make decisions as a boss – not as a worker. Don’t wait for a potential client to take initiative on hiring you. Ask for just 10 minutes of their time and meet with them in person. 

2. Some Filters of Perception Make Bargain Valueless 

Charging your clients as much as you were making with your previous employer may not fly. You need profits – you need to grow. You’ve got to charge more. Paint a different picture in the client’s mind for what the future looks like working with you. Accomplishing this automatically enhances their premium perception of you in their mind. Thereby reducing your need to sell due to your indirect conveyance of higher service and quality – two areas that have implicit cost and time saving attached to it for the client. 

3. Create Small Talk 

Small is the new big. If you are small, this is your advantage. You are so much stronger than you think. With the right client, being transparent about your company being small gains you credibility and means you will give them more attention. People gravitate to honesty and humbleness and this instantly shows that you can be trusted. 

4. Forget About Work-Life Balance 

Get work-life flow. Don’t get me wrong: downtime is important. Living the dream won't be any fun if you're burned out. But the truth is when you're an entrepreneur work-life balance is a myth. When you’re the boss you don't have a 9 to 5 workday; you simply have a day. Get done what needs to get done and stop categorizing how you spend your time! Be thankful that you can choose your own pathway and get excited at the billion pathways you could potentially take. 

5. Stick With It 

Remember your last job? The predictability, the steady paycheck and someone else making all the decisions? Now think about what lies ahead for you as you live your dream. Freedom. No ceiling on your earning potential. The chance to achieve your own vision of success. 

6. Find the Help You Need 

Focus on the specialists. Steer clear of the Jack-of-all-trades candidates. Find those that specialize in one area and you’ll get much better quality. Find the average price before you hire. Give your project enough time to gather a lot of bids, and then find the average price. This way you’ll find the best combination of quality and cost-savings. Starting your own business doesn’t mean you’re an entrepreneur. The sooner you can transform your thinking, habits and practices to become an entrepreneur – the better.