Being your own boss is the dream for many people, but if you’re not careful, it can turn into a nightmare. Long hours, endless hustle and all the responsibility can become a bit much, but with just a few self-employed strategies, you can make the most of entrepreneurial life. So here’s a guide to getting it right when you’re working for yourself.

Keep your balance

Life is all about balance, and one of the most important kinds is that between work and life. It can be tempting to make your life all about your business, but that level of intensity will burn you out, and you’ll lose your passion for it. Make time for your friends, family, hobbies, health and simply existing outside of your business. It’ll make you a more well-rounded person, and you’ll bring your life experience to your work, and the satisfaction of your hard work will make your downtime all the sweeter. While entrepreneurship is enriching, life isn’t all about work, so remember to live it!

Change your surroundings

Get away from your desk, office or premises when time allows. You’re the boss, so make time for yourself, and a different environment can bring fresh inspiration. Whether it’s an afternoon spent working in a coffee shop, a lunch meeting, or a walk in the park – a change of scenery is good for the brain and breaks up the monotony of the working day.

Build a network

Working for yourself often means by yourself, and it can be a lonely lifestyle; your friends and family might not understand. So, create a network of like-minded individuals who are in the same situation. Reach out to others in your industry, set up coffee meetings and attend work-related events to get you in the zone. You’ll make valuable business connections and find friends in the process. There’s no bond creator like a shared experience, so connect with people who can relate to the hustle!

Create a workspace

Sometimes self-employment means working from home or having no work ‘place’ at all, so create one! Even if it’s just a corner of your home where your computer lives, having a defined workspace makes you feel like you’re ‘going to work’ and boosts your focus and productivity. It also helps you switch off when the working day is done, which is an important boundary to set for yourself.

Stick to a schedule

When you work for yourself, you can feel like you always have to be ‘on’ and available round the clock. Brick and mortar businesses have operating hours, and so should you. Resist the urge to check your emails at night, turn off notifications and put off your never-ending to-do list until it’s time to work. Having set working hours is important for avoiding burnout, and you’ll find you’re far more productive during the workday if you’re well rested and step away from your desk and duties in the evenings. Better to be focused and productive during core hours than overworked and overwhelmed!

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