4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Control Their Risk

Jun 12, 2019 at 07:57

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Entrepreneurship generally entails a certain degree of risk-taking. As such, entrepreneurs understand that they must be willing to take a risk in pursuit of potential profits. They realize that in order to achieve their strategic plan, some degree of risk-taking is necessary.

First-time startup leaders and more seasoned entrepreneurs must develop a mindset for risk management. Here are a few suggestions for approaching and reducing unpredictable variables in business.

1. Understand that risk is an opportunity 

From the earliest stages of a new business idea, risk and opportunity are inseparably linked. Entrepreneurs can make this connection when comparing their personal goals with possible entry points into the market.  

2. Trust the process 

Not every visionary entrepreneur will have a grasp of risk management from the outset, and that’s fine. In fact, one Halle Institute for Economic Research study demonstrated that most aspiring entrepreneurs consider themselves pretty conservative when it comes to taking risks. 

3. Turn risk on its head 

Another way to conceptualize risk management is risk selection. Market research will help in determining where and how to incur risk for business but on a much more basic level. Entrepreneurs who decide to start their own companies face more risk than those who opt to stay in their current or most recent position.  

4. Avoid complacency 

Just as one should generally avoid business opportunities that present themselves as risk-free, so too should one continue finding ways to stretch in a company even after achieving success. While this doesn’t mean taking on risk for the sake of it, it does mean finding a balance between organic growth and reckless expansion.