Ayurvedic herbs for diabetes you need to be aware

Apr 15, 2019 at 10:24

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The health benefits of Ayurveda have been demonstrated all around the world. This is an ancient form of medicine that has gained considerable popularity to date. With lifestyle suggestions, a healthy diet it is made its way on to the life of people in a big manner. It is not only for health benefits most ayurvedic product companies in India help to cure various diseases. For a patient suffering from diabetes, Ayurveda medicines not only help to cure the disease but natural defenses for further damage is formulated. Before getting to the point of Ayurveda works for medicine, let us understand more about the disease of diabetes


Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that occurs due to inadequate production of insulin and rising levels of sugar are found in blood with sugar appearing in your urine levels at the same time. There are a couple of types of diabetes

Type 1 diabetes tends to develop in the early phase of childhood. The immune system of the body goes on to destroy the insulin-producing cells present in the human body. When you are suffering from this type of diabetes you require lifelong treatment and for survival insulin injections

Type 2 diabetes takes place when the pancreas is not in a position to produce the necessary amount of insulin in the human body. Eventually, glucose builds up in the human body. An unhealthy diet, lack of exercise and poor lifestyle choices are the main causes of this type of diabetes.

The top Ayurveda products or home remedies that you can try at your home

Juice of Bitter gourd

This rates to be one of the best home remedies to cure diabetes. In the early hours of the morning, it should be taken at an empty stomach. By the patient around 30 ml of juice needs to be consumed.

- Just cut the bitter gourd into small pieces

- Before putting them on the grinder it is important to keep away the seeds

- To work on the consistency of the juice add a small amount of water

- The juice has to be sleeved in order to remove the excess pulp

Methi seeds

A natural remedy for diabetes. It works better when you combine it with other herbs as a rich source of fibers would regulate digestion along with fibers absorption

- Numerous ways are there by which you can consume methi seeds when you are suffering from type 2 diabetes

- You can soak the methi seeds at night. The patient can consume the seeds first thing in the morning

- You can even crush the soaked seeds with 300 ml of water. Then the mixture has to be drunk. This therapy you need to follow daily for around 3 months

- You can even grind seeds of methi which would be around 100 gram. Then mix them with around 25 gram of turmeric. This mixture is to be consumed with a glass of milk daily

These are some of the home remedies associated with Ayurveda products.