Pregnancy Calculator: How To Use One The Correct Way?

Jan 10, 2019 at 13:10

Desktop pregnancy due date

Probably the person is planning to get pregnant and give delivery to a healthy baby. If so, then the planning should definitely include pregnancy calculator that is easily available in various forms in the market. There are many who have for the very first time come across the term ‘pregnancy calculator’ and might not know what it is all about and how to use it. Doing some research can help them to find out answers about the same.

What is pregnancy due date calculator?

It is considered to be a device which allows calculation of conception date and childbirth due date, 9 months from conceiving date. But it is essential to understand that these estimates are approximate in nature and never are stated to be accurate. The reason is because nature tends to work mysteriously and science is yet to figure out the same. However still, it is very much possible to make a rough approximation of the conception date if the person has occasional sexual intercourse. Irrespective of the number of research done on this subject, scientists and researchers are just not able to come up with the accurate date till now. Hence, the pregnancy calculator should be expected to give only a rough idea pertaining to the due date. In reality, the date can be after or before the calculated date.

How pregnancy calculator works?

  • Identifies approximate due date: It is only by understanding own menstrual cycle that the basic aspects related to the pregnancy calculator can be known. If the calculator is desired to work properly, then the earlier menstrual period’s exact date needs to be entered. The period’s first date is counted as the first day.

  • Identifies estimated conception date: Pregnancy calculator by due date also functions the other way. If the due date has been already been given by the doctor, then backward counting can be done to arrive at approximate conception date.

  • Arriving at pregnancy stage: It is a unique calculator which can help to specify the number of weeks the person has been pregnant currently and the number of weeks she will be pregnant in the future.

Get to know about pregnancy calculator

Women generally have complains that the pregnancy calculators do not offer accurate results as desired. They are rather ineffective, probably because, it is being used the wrong way. The following pre-requisites need to be filled, to ensure that the calculator works perfectly and offer the best and more accurate results.

  • Any of the pregnancy calculators present is based upon 28 day menstrual cycle. If the above is not conformed to or those facing irregular periods will not get accurate results.
  • Those following 28 day menstrual cycle will derive rough estimate from the calculator and not accurate conception or childbirth date.

The fact is that only about 5% of the women across the globe are said to give childbirth on the specified due date. The due date is actually calculated adding approximately 280 days or 40 weeks from first day of last period prior to occurrence of pregnancy.