Inviting people in your circles of interest to connect

Jun 13, 2018 at 18:29

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I have been inviting a lot of people, from the circles I´m in, to connect with me.

Really easy now - from the members lists :-)

Both to broaden my own network, but also to spread the word about our new World Game - to people who might have been, more or less, "dorment" on GeniusU for some time.

It really pays off - as this message says:

"Hi Tina,
I would like to thank you for sending me a friend request. It gave me the chance to have a better look at geniusU and its opportunities. I've signed up a few years ago as I was taking the passion test, but then I forgot about it. Indeed, I'm a dynamo, therefore it could be difficult for me to finish things that I start. However, I am working on it, and I notice some improvements. Anyway, thank you once more. I am sure I will grow on this platform, and this is because of you, since you are the one who made me come back here. I wish you the best.

Kind Regards"

Makes it all worth it :-)