Cosmos New Age 2 Energy in new business culture

May 16, 2018 at 21:27

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Dorte Joy Juul


Transformation of sustainable corporate culture

Consulting & Coaching

Sustainable mindset is from where we create

Self-awareness in strategic thinking in processes. There are two energies in the world we work with, the Light or Dark Energy. How do schools, businesses, & communities become aware of what energy they are working with? This is where karma & consequences come in! But how & why is what the training program deals with

New Age Cosmos self-management concept 

Cosmos is attractiveness, where self-management & cooperation in energy is the most important thing all people do! You have 2 energies to work with Destructive & Constructive. The balance lies between these two energies

Scientific studies show that approx. 60 to 80% of human behavior lies on the unconscious level. Science has taught us to understand many things, now it is about understanding in its entirety

The understanding lies in the 4 elements that are in choices & decisions, it can create an understanding of the whole of processes

Coach Your Self-esteem With Self-Coaching: Love Yourself

Wear your gratitude and find the courage of vulnerability, find your inner joy. Emotional intelligence is the attraction of self-esteem, love, relationships, cohesion & inner happiness. All success is created from within. Your joy & gratitude are important, that energy creates a better world

Psyche + disease understanding & strategic self-understanding

Here you use each other for relationship & cohesion in cooperation. Help each other work well in one and the same workflow. Gratitude will flourish. Unconscious behavior comes to consciousness. 

It is the past that has collected us. Your brain is like a computer, if you do not clean it, it can be difficult to find the true choices for flow. What you learned as a child is often not useful as an adult! Learn to format your brain thereby creating a bridge between heart and brain. Self-coaching through communication skills through self-awareness is power to the truth